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But I found a new friend today. I call him Mr. Eye, and he lives in the caves where my brother and I were found. He doesn't pick on me. He says he's my friend. And HE says he has big plans for us...

Vendra Prog, ItN

Mr. Eye, also known as the Nether Leader, is the main antagonist in Into the Nexus. He is the leader of the nether species native to the Netherverse, a parallel universe. He was able to communicate with Vendra Prog, a nether in Ratchet's dimension, and was given the name "Mr. Eye" as he became her childhood friend. He plotted for years to enter Ratchet's dimension.

Mr. Eye is a gigantic nether, with great brute strength and psychokinetic powers, capable of flight and of firing lasers. He granted Vendra Prog her telepathic powers, and can fire lasers from his eye. He is unintelligible to anyone aside from Vendra, as he speaks his own Nether language. Mr. Eye directed Vendra to release him and his army of nethers into Ratchet's dimension.

Cross the Streams trophy

A bronze trophy is rewarded by defeating Mr. Eye and banishing his kind.


Pre-Into the Nexus

These dimensional rifts were created long ago by the explosion of the Great Clock.

Pollyx, ItN

At some point, the parents of Vendra and Neftin Prog sent them both to Ratchet's dimension through Nether Rifts to escape from the nether leader's cruelty, sending them to planet Yerek where the rifts linked. The nether leader managed to use the Nether Rifts on planet Yerek to communicate with Vendra. Her rough childhood in the Meero Orphanage, in which she was rejected and picked on by other residents, and her longing for a family made her turn to the nether leader, whom she then named Mr. Eye.

Mr. Eye took advantage of her, and told her of her history with the nethers. He explained to her that she could not return to the Netherverse, as she had remained in Ratchet's dimension too long and adapted to it. Vendra then concluded that if she could not return home, she wold bring home to her, and vowed to bring Mr. Eye to their dimension, as Mr. Eye had desired. Over time, Mr. Eye corrupted her, granting her telepathic powers as a gift, but also making her more and more twisted over time.

Vendra and Neftin Prog experimented with transdimensional tunnelling, and were able to bring several nethers into the Zarkov Sector. This led the Galactic President to issue an Alpha-9 and declare the sector haunted. However, the majority of nethers, including Mr. Eye, remained trapped in the Netherverse, meaning that Vendra and Neftin tried new methods. Finally, they learned about the Dimensionator, a lombax device that could be used to bring Mr. Eye into their universe. In working to create the Dimensionator, the Prog twins kidnapped terachnoids, including Pollyx, and violently assaulted Pollyx Industries, leading to Vendra's arrest.

Into the Nexus

Mr. Eye exits from the Netherverse

After six months, Vendra had been freed by her brother with the help of Thugs-4-Less mercenaries. The two completed the Dimensionator on Yerek, and communicated with Mr. Eye in the Meero Orphanage via a Nether Rift, watching Neftin activate the Dimensionator. The device was unsuccessful in punching a hole between the realities completely, though it did allow several Netherwarriors to arrive. Mr. Eye was angered by Vendra's failure, though she resolved to attempt again on planet Silox, where they would be more successful as the barrier between the dimensions would have grown thinner.

When Vendra successfully used their new Dimensionator on Silox, Mr. Eye arrived with a nether army. However, as she had outlived her usefulness, he betrayed Vendra and tossed her into the Netherverse, while beginning his invasion. He attempted to kill Ratchet and Clank, as they posed a threat to his plans, but Neftin Prog helped them both escape, and thereafter worked with Ratchet and Clank to find the original Dimensionator in the Intergalactic Museum of History on planet Igliak to banish Mr. Eye once more.

Mr. Eye pursues Ratchet and Clank in Weeblesnog City

Mr. Eye knew that the last true threat to his kind was the original Dimensionator, and resolved to travel to the Praxus Sector and invade Igliak. While passing through the Cerullean Sector, he destroyed six Polaris Defense Force listening posts before one of their satellites detected the nether forces. He faced little resistance while travelling to the Praxus Sector, as most of the Polaris Defense Force was preoccupied with the Thugs-4-Less.

Mr. Eye and the nethers then arrived just as Ratchet acquired the original Dimensionator and passed it to Neftin Prog and Qwark, who promptly hid in the city center. He then sent hundreds of nether forces to search for them, leaving Netherbrutes in charge of the invasion. He also sent several nethers to attack the museum, which Ratchet and CLank defeated.

When Mr. Eye found Neftin, Qwark and Pollyx while repairing the device, Ratchet and Clank stopped him from reaching them, forcing him to kill them before he could destroy it. He then engaged the two on top of a large skyscraper which he destroyed over the course of the fight, and engaged Ratchet while Clank retrieved Vendra from the Netherverse. After a long battle, Ratchet damaged Mr. Eye heavily and sent him crashing into a nearby skyscraper where he was stuck on power couplings atop the building. Neftin then activated the Dimensionator to open a portal to the Netherverse, while Vendra dragged him into it using her telepathic powers. Mr. Eye was then thrown into the portal, which closed behind him, banishing him and the nethers into the Netherverse once more.



Mr. Eye is an enormous floating nether. He is a cyclophic being with a single large eye (hence Vendra's name for him), and large, shark-like teeth.


Mr. Eye is a malicious, manipulative, and cruel entity, who does not appear to show remorse. He manipulated Vendra throughout her childhood, pretending to be her friend and taking advantage of her loneliness to use her as a pawn in his scheme to cross dimensions. When she had outlived her usefulness, he merely tossed her into the Netherverse. He also had no qualms about Vendra and Neftin murdering innocent lives to help him in his scheme, and once arriving in the dimension, recklessly killed innocent lives of his own.


Mr. Eye is incredibly powerful, as seen in his brute strength and telepathic powers. His strength allowed him to easily tear through parts of Meridian City, and destroy entire skyscrapers. His psychic powers also allowed him to induce zero-gravity on destroyed debris. His eye was capable of firing a powerful laser, and his claws could fire shockwaves. Mr. Eye also granted Vendra her psychic powers, and once trapped in the Netherverse, she mostly lost them.

Behind the scenes

Mr. Eye was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who also voiced Neftin Prog and Libra.

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