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The mothership is an optional boss in Going Commando, fought on the Damosel moon by Giant Clank during "Defeat the mothership". It is a large flying saucer, with grey coloration and a glass dome on-top, that released robot minions to attack the city.[1] After it was defeated by Clank, it dropped the Mapper.

The mothership spawns several robotic minions, which are bipedal robots with an orange body containing two short arms with laser cannons, and a saucer at the top on which a visible cockpit shows three aliens piloting it. They are spawned in groups of four when the mothership lands, dropping its shield as it does, dropping the four robots beneath it. After the mothership rises again, it zaps green energy into them, causing their legs to expand and for the robots to take a full combat stance.


Giant Clank confronts the mothership

The minions will either shoot at Giant Clank from afar, or charge electricity between their cannons and proceed to zap him, dealing a lot of damage and knocking him back. While moving away the Mothership can also shoot at Giant Clank, but it is largely ineffective. Once enough damage is dealt it will stay immobile and begin releasing large waves of electricity, and large waves of energy centered at itself. It will also shoot at Giant Clank with a big green blast, dealing significant damage. Prior to this punching it and its minions is most effective, but afterwards only jumping on-top of it and shooting missiles works.