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Here we are, Morrow Caverns! Famous for its majestic fjords, soothing grottos, and legions of tortured souls awaiting their chance for revenge…

Rusty Pete, QfB

Ratchet in the Morrow Caverns

The Morrow Caverns were dangerous caves on planet Merdegraw. The caverns contained various species of wild life forms, from small harmless Helio-grubs to vicious hungry Pythors. There were also a lot of bats that bit Ratchet if he stepped in a dark zone. However, if he picked up a shining helio-grub and walked near them they would fly away. Ratchet, Talwyn, Rusty Pete, and Slag came to these caverns to find Captain Darkwater's old ship. During Ratchet's travels through the cave the Lombax encountered many dead pirates. Some of them were lying on the ground, some of them hung from the walls, and a sword could even be seen still stabbed through through some. When Ratchet reached Darkwater's ship he was double-crossed by Pete and Slag as Pete stuck Slag's head into Darkwater's body, causing Slag to posess it is, but somehow so did Darkwater. This brought many of the dead pirates back to life and Ratchet had to fight his way out of the caverns to escape.


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