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The Mootator is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. It is a weapon that fires a continuous beam that can transform enemies into cows which explode upon reaching enemies.

The Mootator can be obtained by beating all of Clank's challenges on the Dayni Moon. It can be upgraded to the Armoogeddon at V4 with use, which transforms enemies into bulls and cows; one bull can exist at a time while the rest are transformed to cows.


The Mootator is a black and red, round pistol that fires a continuous beam. It reconfigures DNA at the molecular level, replacing up to 96.8% of the target with bovine DNA, while the other 3.2% are assigned strains of explosive genes from hand grenades, TNT, smart bombs, and nuclear warheads, depending on the level of the weapon.

The Armoogeddon is a long pistol with bull horns on the end and fires a blue and orange ray to transform enemies to bulls.


The Mootator slowly morphs enemies into cows by firing a continuous ray. The cows are explosive and will destroy enemies when approaching them. This makes the Mootator most effective when used on small enemies that will transform faster, allowing these transformed cows to then damage larger enemies.

The Armoogeddon transforms one enemy into an aggressive mutant bull that charges at an enemy before exploding. This is a flat upgrade to the weapon, and will not alter the way it is used.

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