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Moonstone render
Bring me more moonstones and riches shall be your reward.
— The New Age Mystic to Ratchet., GC

Moonstones were small rare crystals found in Tundor Wastes of Grelbin. Despite their rarity, Moonstones were generally considered worthless by most people, except those in tune with its strange powers. The New Age Mystic sent Ratchet to collect to "help the forces of the Universe align" and to buy a Hypnomatic part. Later, the Mystic gave the Lombax bolts if he brought more moonstones, for 3,000 bolts a moonstone, or 30,000 bolts in Challenge Mode. Moonstones were only found on planet Grelbin. They could be obtained by freeing them from lumps of ice and from defeating Arctic Leviathans.