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The Monsterpedia is a help feature in Going Commando. It lists most enemies that Ratchet and Clank encountered in the game, with a description of their origins and statistics about their health, defense, toughness, and the damage they can inflict.

Enemy name Size Home planet Description
Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model Medium Yeedil The Megacorp Security Robot (MSR) type 1 comes equipped with a standard-issue arm-mounted chainsaw. Its spider-like legs allow it to more efficiently chase down and eradicate intruders.
Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Model Medium Yeedil The Megacorp Security Robot (MSR) type 2 is designed for those who need the best that Megacorp has to offer, but can't afford to pay for it. Complete with raritanium-plated arm-mounted flamethrower, this robot is guaranteed to stop up to 80 percent of intruders.
PX6 BladeBall Small Yeedil The PX6 BladeBall is Megacorp's answer to the budget-conscious security consumer. These metal balls float in space until an intruder comes near, at which point they release a whirlwind of slashing death.
Mutant muckdweller Small Oozla Like the Horrible Sulphur Beast of Klor, this enemy attacks by enveloping its enemies in a cloud of poisonous gas. Unlike the Horrible Sulphur Beast, however, the Muckdweller's gas attack originates from its mouth.
Mutant swamp beast Medium Oozla The Mutant Swamp Beast is an interesting zoological study. It is believed that the Beasts are actually hatched by a larger 'Mother Beast.' However, no one has ever seen this beast... and lived to tell about it. The Swamp Beast attacks its prey with a devastating tentacle swipe.
Mutant firefly Small Oozla Not your average country firefly -- this bug is a cross between a firefly and a beetle. To attack their prey, the Mutant Fireflies draw close and then attack with their sharp pincers.
Swamp monster I Immense Oozla Not much is known of this mysterious and frightening aberration, which has been preying on the remaining Megacorp employees. It is thought to attack by slamming its enormous tentacles into its prey. Possible vulnerable points include the eye stalk and tentacles.
Swamp monster II Immense Oozla Based on recent evidence, the Mysterious Tentacle Horror has been found to be the elusive 'Mother Beast' which spawns all the smaller Mutant Swamp Beasts. It attacks with its tentacles, its claws, a poisonous gas attack, and bites with its horrible-horrible maw.
Thugs-4-Less Brute Huge Snivelak Big, strong, and incredibly stupid, the Thugs-4-Less Brute is everything that a young thug aspires to be. They attack by firing a burst of shots or by deploying Megacorp Chickenbots to do their dirty work for them.
Megacorp Chickenbot Small Yeedil The Chickenbot was Megacorp's response to the overabundance of chickens left over from use of the Gadgetron Morph-o-ray. These chickens have been transformed into walking death-machines by Megacorp's hard-working corps of engineers.
Megacorp gladiator Medium Maktar Nebula These aliens were genetically engineered by Megacorp to be the galaxy's most efficient fighting machines. They wield a chain-mace which they can use from short or medium range to devastating (and pulpy) effect.
Chainblade Immense Snivelak He slices, he dices, and he carves up a mean dish. Using his custom-made chain-blades (from which he derives his name), Chainblade can attack his foes from incredibly long range.
B2 Brawler Immense Cerebella The B2 Brawler is one of Megacorp Games' most terrifying opponents. His carbonox armor plating makes sure he can take a licking but keep on ticking. His twin plasma cannons really warm up to his opponents, and his spinning leg attack will knock you out! Literally.
Megacorp Sweeper Bot Small Endako Due to a malfunction, these robots have lost the ability to tell the difference between garbage and organic life. If you have to get in close to defeat them, watch out for their spin attack!
Megacorp Laser Bot Medium Endako The laser-bot was originally designed to get those 'hard to clean' stains. Using its spinning laser, it makes sure that public areas are clean and sanitary for your protection. Just better not get too close.
Megacorp Rivet Bot Huge Endako Look out! This robot's gone rogue. Though originally designed to aid in construction, some of these robots have been modified to act as security robots as well. They fire off a dangerous rivet shot, so make sure not to be in its path.
Thugs-4-Less Leader (Helicopter) Huge Snivelak Thugs-4-Less has been hired to make sure Ratchet does not complete his mission. In the spirit of utmost devotion to the customer, the Thugs-4-Less leader himself has come to complete the assignment. Watch out for his electricity spheres as well as his standard machine gun shots.
Vukovar tribesman Medium Barlow After Gadgetron moved out, these tribesmen took over. Searching the remains for whatever they could use, the tribesmen have managed to collect some pretty heavy firepower. They are also excellent swordsmen and like to attack in groups.
Barlowian saur-beast Huge Barlow The saur-beast was once a harmless herbivore. When the Tribesmen came, however, they were trained to be savage attack beasts for them to ride. Look out for their charge attack and stay away from those teeth.
Gadgetron Hound of Cuddly Death Small Barlow These cute puppy-like creatures are the result of a failed experiment by Gadgetron to create a cute cuddly child's companion. After Gadgetron left, these once docile pets evolved into pure killers filled with only hate and loathing.
Thugs-4-Less Henchman Medium Snivelak This Thugs-4-Less employee is slightly tougher than your common thug. He also carries an assault rifle that packs a mean punch.
Thugs-4-Less attack ship Huge Snivelak This is the upgraded version of the old Thug Flame Ship (now obsolete). Due to complaints about the old model, this ship was upgraded to include a ranged flame attack as well as tinted windows and a deluxe set of cup holders.
Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v2.0 Medium Yeedil This is the best version of the MSR I available on the market. With armor plated with an alloy combining Carbonox and Raritanium, these robots can take a beating.
Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v2.0 Medium Yeedil Like the MSR I, these security bots have been upgraded in the armor department. Their flamethrowers have been upgraded to provide the finest combustibility available. This robot will melt intruders like an ice cream cone in the middle of the desert.
Unknown Thief Medium Grelbin This is the thief who stole the experiment from Megacorp. Look out, this thief is one deadly customer. With the dexterity of a foot-worn flying glider combined with immense firepower, this is one cloaked maniac you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.
Mutant sandfly Small Tabora A variant of the Mutant Firefly found on Oozla, this bug packs a bite. They travel in swarms, so watch out for its friends!
Desert dune monster Immense Tabora These fiends like to hide in the sand from the desert heat, disguising themselves as a mere pile of debris. When they hear their prey coming, however, they wait till it gets close and then spring from hiding to attack with their electric tendrils.
Spitting dune crawler Medium Tabora These indigenous reptiles have a devastating poisonous spray. Don't let it get on you, that stuff burns!
Megacorp Trooper Medium Yeedil The Megacorp Troopers are the vanguard of the Megacorp paramilitary forces. Armed with dual plasma shots and trained in group fighting, it is not unusual to see groups of these soldiers teleporting in before you've scarce finished off their comrades.
Megacorp Sentinel Medium Yeedil The sentinel serves as an early warning device. It searches the floor below with lights, and if it sees anything it sets off the alarms and begins to fire.
Megacorp Hover Tank Huge Yeedil This monster of a vehicle has a rapid fire cannon mounted on a turret. The tank can lay down an impressive line of fire that will frighten off the most hardened of intruders.
Megacorp Security Turret Medium Dobbo This is a stationary turret, used mainly to protect small hallways. It produces a slow moving plasma line that will move down a corridor and burn intruders into a neat pile of ash for your Megacorp Sweeper bots to clean up. The turret is vulnerable unless it sinks into the floor to recharge.
Blade Ball v2.0 Small Yeedil This deluxe model features a higher torque motor fitted with sharpened duraplated blades. Small and compact, the Blade Ball v2 is the next generation of automated drone assassins.
Joba tribesman Medium Joba These tribesmen are distant cousins to the ones found in Vukovar Canyon. Consequently, aside from some more advanced firepower and armor, these creatures behave much the same as the ones on Barlow.
Jobian saur-beast Huge Joba After discovering the beasts on Barlow, a batch was immediately sent to Joba for breeding. Because of the harsh Jobian Climate, these beasts have evolved a tougher outer shell which can withstand more damage. They also have developed stronger teeth for catching prey.
Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v3.0 Medium Yeedil This is a modified version of the MSR I. Retooled and reprogrammed, this killing machine is even more resistant to weapon fire. Its duraplated sharpened chainsaw is now more efficient at slicing fruits, vegetables, and gun wielding Lombaxes.
Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v3.0 Medium Yeedil A modified version of the MSR II, these security bots have reinforced armor and are fitted with an upgraded dual purpose flame thrower. They shoot both a stream of fire and fire bursts that melt intruders like... a milkshake on the surface of the sun.
Nidbot Medium Joba The Nidbot is a dangerous meeting of arachnid and machine. This mechanical terror surprises its prey with a devastating leap attack which leaves even the most hardened of Gladiators quaking in their boots. No self-respecting gladiator arena should be without them. Order yours today!
Elite Megacorp gladiator Medium Joba The Megacorp Elite Gladiator Association (MEGA) represents only the best of the best, and these Gladiators have been card-carrying members for the past three decades. With their improved armor and tetrafiber-enhanced blades, these MEGA Brawlers pack a mega-mean punch.
Megapede Immense Joba From the deepest depths of the Torbian Canyon on Vaknar III comes Megapede. This insect packs a mean punch -- he likes to blast gladiators with his devastating bomb attacks.
Arachnoid Huge Joba Arachnoid -- the 8 legged wonder of the world. Whether firing off his electricity shots or dropping off smaller enemy spiders, this Mecha-Spider will keep you on your toes.
Megacorp Chickenbot v2.0 Small Yeedil Megacorp is proud to present its latest budget security robot, the Chickenbot 2.0. With an enhanced tetrafiber exterior and sharpened duraplate fangs, the Megacorp Chickenbot 2.0 is your all-in-one solution for intruders.
Megacorp Robot Guard Huge Yeedil These huge hulking behemoths patrol important Megacorp facilities. Armed with a huge plasma cannon, they focus single-mindedly on stopping any intruders who dare disturb their patrols.
Mutant test-squirrel Small Todano Due to protests from several Squirrel Rights groups, Megacorp was forced to abandon using squirrels for their weapon test programs. Megacorp released the squirrels back into the wild, where they now happily feed on small wild animals and tourists.
Thugs-4-Less Elite Henchman Medium Snivelak This elite Thugs-4-Less Henchman is used only for the highest paying customers. Armed with a powerful Thrasher Cannon, the Henchmen packs enough firepower to level a small playground.
Thugs-4-Less Brute Class II Huge Snivelak This elite Thugs-4-Less Brute is the standard issue soldier. Armed with an impressively powerful Energy Cannon, this soldier is fond of sending out rapid bolts of plasma in a continuous stream.
Megacorp Hover Tank v2.0 Huge Yeedil The Megacorp Hover Tank has been modified by Thugs-4-Less for version 2.0. It now provides cover for the Thug forces who take shelter behind its impressive armor and massive blasting capabilities.
Attack-Copter Huge Snivelak A modified version of the Thug Leader's personal helicopter, this Chopper is capable of destroying all in its path. It packs a quadruple helix energy cannon to make sure it gets the job done.
Two-headed Smolgian snapper Huge Smolg Whoever said two heads were better than one obviously never met this alien fiend. The Smolgian Snapper packs a wallop and does it double. Watch out for its bite attack and try not to get in too close.
Grulch Small Smolg The grulch is a smaller cousin of the Smolgian Snapper. Having only one head, however, these miniature alien monsters are still capable of biting an unwary traveler in a sensitive area.
Protopet Small Yeedil The protopet was Megacorp's attempt at creating the perfect pet. Unfortunately, they tend to go crazy and eat their owners. Look out for their ability to multiply, as they get quite out of hand if left to their own devices.
Extermibot Medium Damosel The extermibots were sent in to destroy everything which is small and fuzzy. Unfortunately, this includes you. Try to dodge their shock attack and you should be okay.
Arctic leviathan Immense Grelbin There is little that is known about the Arctic Leviathan. It lives in the artic wastes and rarely shows its face. When it does though, its devastating ice breath can freeze an enemy in its tracks.
Y.E.T.I. Huge Grelbin The Y.E.T.I. is a genetically engineered wonder monster created to hunt down and destroy the Arctic Leviathans that roam the planes. At least, that was the original idea. Since their creation, they have gone out of control and now live in the arctic landscape.
Receiver Bot v1.0 Medium Yeedil This receiver bot is quite small and has an elementary spin attack.
Receiver Bot v3.0 Medium Yeedil This is the deluxe version of the receiver bot. It is designed to keep all your other receiver bots in line. It carries a gun, and can also control other robots using its built in Hypnomatic.
Mutant Protopet Immense Yeedil Look out! The original protopet has mutated and is rampaging around. You'll have to defeat it in order to save the galaxy from Qwark's misfired plot.