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The Momma Tyhrranoid[1] is a boss in Up Your Arsenal. It is an immense, nine-eyed tyhrranoid on Tyhrranosis, residing in a lair, the largest building of the base. Ratchet and Clank fought the monster during their assault on Korgon Base.


Qwark claims credit for the death of the Momma Tyhrranoid.

Ratchet and Clank fought it in the mission "Destroy the Momma Tyhrranoid", after destroying the plasma cannon turrets that created a defense around the base. After they defeated it, Captain Qwark swooped in at the end and stomped on one of its eyes. Darla Gratch then attributed its defeat to Qwark, who credited is victory to "courage, compassion, dashing good looks, iron hard abs" and his "massive guns".[2] With the Momma Tyhrranoid defeated, Ratchet then led an assault on Kavu Island in Operation: ISLAND STRIKE.

Later, on the Starship Phoenix, Ratchet bragged about his battle to Sasha Phyronix and Skidd McMarx. He described it as "big as a star cruiser and packing twice as much firepower", then dramatically described the battle in a bid to impress Sasha, before Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence interrupted the conversation.


Momma Tyhrranoid in combat.

The Momma Tyhrranoid is an immense, nine-eyed tyhrranoid with brown skin. Much like the one-eyed tyhrranoid, its face makes up most of its torso. It has a large mouth showing off hundreds of teeth, two small tentacles for legs, and two large tentacles in place of arms that it uses to attack. On its back, the Momma Tyhrranoid carries a turret, controlled by two two-eyed tyhrranoids, that can be extended from the initial position her back. It fires rapid-fire bullets as well as more destructive missiles.

The Momma Tyhrranoid is capable of fast movement by running, and also of clinging onto the webbed ceiling in its lair. It will attack with its tentacles until it either hits Ratchet or has failed to hit him a few times. The missiles fired from the cannon on its back are capable of destroying pieces of the support pillars in its lair. It also breathes heavily and has a very load roar when enraged.


Behind the scenes

Concept art of Momma Tyhrranoid from Up Your Arsenal

The Momma Tyhrranoid was programmed by Jerrod Putman as his first big task, and designed by Brian Allgeier. There were at least three iterations on the boss, and it took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda. Putman programmed the different scenes from the Momma Tyhrranoid's perspective despite not being an animator, and the scenes were made purely with code.[3]



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