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The Momentum Glider[1], also known as simply the Glider, is an item in Going Commando. It can be activated at specific red launch pads, at which Ratchet can deploy the device and glide to reach areas only accessible by flight.

In Tools of Destruction, the Robo-Wings can be used instead, which work similarly, but provide free movement through the air.


Ratchet using the Momentum Glider.

A Momentum Glider pad.

Ratchet found the Momentum Glider at the mining area on planet Tabora during the mission "Explore the area", and then used it to traverse a canyon and take a teleporter back to the ship. It was later used in the testing facility, Dobbo, during "Repair the power generator", in which Ratchet followed a repair bot back to the power generator to reactivate the core terminal. Later, he used it in the Tundor Wastes, Grelbin, during "Explore the caves", in which he used it to travel through the underground caves. He also collected a platinum bolt and nanotech boost using the Glider in both Tabora and Dobbo.


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