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Missile Minions were powerful minions that were very durable and powerful, although their only attack was to shoot missiles. Built using Tharpod technology, and built to serve the Loki Master, they attacked the heroes.

During the events of Full Frontal Assault, the Grungarians had managed to obtain these killing machines and added them into the ranks of the Grungarian Marauders.

All 4 One

Missile Minions were adept flying enemies, being able to float to any trouble spot at a moments notice. Missile Minions only had one form of attack, which was to bombard the enemy missiles, which the Missile Minion fired at a fast rate before reloading. The missiles locked onto the ground where the player(s) was  standing, which is why the player should strafe when fighting one. Weapons like the Warmonger and OmegaTech Frost Cannon were useful when fighting one.

Minion FFA.PNG

Missile Minions first appeared on the W.A.S.P. in Seaside Village. Typically in the beginning of the game, they appeared alone, sometimes with other Minions. As the game progressed they traveled in pairs more often, which made them even more dangerous to the player(s).

Full Frontal Assault

Missile Minions reappeared serving their new Grungarian masters. They fought and were vulnerable to certain weapons just like before. Missile Minions first appeared in Markazia. While one defended the Planetary Defense Center, another later attacked the base. Others defended key nodes and the Planetary Defense Center, and launched assaults on the QForce Base in Ebaro. After Ebaro (first trip), Missile Minions no longer appeared.


Missile Minions appeared in the Multiplayer of Full Frontal Assault, in which they defended certain nodes. They would turn either red or blue depending on which team captured the node.

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