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This is a list of minor locations in the Ratchet & Clank games.


Breegus Minor

The Dimensionator - created by the Lombax Architects of Breegus Minor.

IRIS Supercomputer, ToD

Breegus Minor was the location where the Dimensionator was created.[1] It was located somewhere in the Breegus System.



Klor was a planet. It was inhabited by the Horrible Sulphur Beast of Klor.


Orrack Minor

Orrack Minor was a location under control by the Valkyries. When confronted by the Valkyrie leaders in the Korthos sector Ratchet was left alone to engage in space combat with Libra while Carina and Cassiopeia left to hunt down the Lombax ship reported there (being General Alister Azimuth). When Libra was defeated, the remaining Valkyrie fighters retreated to this place to regroup.


Praxus Six

Praxus Six was a planet that was located in the Praxus Sector, belonging to the same line of planets along with Praxus Seven and Praxus Twelve. The space pirates were sent to this planet by Tachyon when he was finished with them. Cronk mentioned the "Arachnid Squabble on Praxus Six" during the battle for the Rykan V Spaceport. There were also sulfur mines on this planet, and they were ranked the third worst vacation spot in the Polaris galaxy by GrummelNet Intergalactic Travel Guide.


Praxus Seven

Praxus Seven was a planet located in the Praxus Sector, belonging to the same line of planets as Praxus Six and Praxus Twelve. The sea of Praxus Seven are known to contain a species of large predatory fish, of which Crushto is a member of. Fishing was one economic activity of Praxus Seven.[2]


Praxus Twelve

Praxus Twelve was a planet in the Praxus Sector and the Polaris Galaxy, belonging to the same line of planets as Praxus Six and Praxus Seven. It formerly was controlled by Cragmites during the height of Great Cragmite Empire before it collapse by the Lombaxes.


Ringus Minor

Ringus Minor was a planet. The planet was full of sewers, implying it was a highly industrialized world. These sewers were full of deadly Sewer-Dwelling Razor Ants, whose natural exoskeleton could protect them from most munitions fired from most weapons.


Terraklon Six

Terraklon Six was a planet and the homeworld of the Terraklon species, including the Terraklon gladiators and Umbüko Gladiators, the latter of whom Captain Qwark claimed to have trained with. It was mentioned by the Tachyon Robot in Zordoom Prison, having been consumed by the Thyrullian supernova. Due to this, the sentences of the Terraklons were commuted and they were free to wander the galaxy in search of a new place to live. All except for Flint Vorselon were freed, as the cyborg was serving a lifelong sentence, although he later escaped.

Tharan IX

Tharan IX was a planet mentioned by Cronk and Zephyr in 'All 4 One', Zephyr said that it was a location in Unicop, Qwark/Unicop travelled there to defeat Count Microbolt and his army of Penguin Cyborgs.


Zumbrix was a planet in the Polaris Galaxy mentioned by Qwark. Several suns orbited; however, the most noticeable of said suns was the fourth sun.[3]

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