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The Miniturret Glove is a Megacorp manufactured weapon in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. It is a glove that can plant small gun turrets which target and fire lasers at enemies automatically, and self-destruct (harmlessly) upon exhausting their ammunition. Multiple can be thrown out at once, though there is a limit to how many can be active. It upgrades to the Megaturret Glove, which throws missile turrets that teleport alongside Ratchet.


Going Commando

The Miniturret Glove was available for 25,000 bolts from a Megacorp vendor upon reaching Tabora. It could be upgraded to the Megaturret Glove with use, which fires missiles rather than lasers. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Megaturret Glove for 550,000 bolts from any Megacorp vendor.

Up Your Arsenal

The Miniturret Glove was available from Slim Cognito when reached in Aquatos during the mission "Infiltrate the underwater hideout". It could be purchased for 25,000 bolts, or was free if the player had a Going Commando save file. As with Going Commando, it could be upgraded with use, but had four levels. At V3, the turrets' firepower included ice explosives, slowing enemies down. At V5, it upgraded to the Megaturret Glove, which once again fired missiles but from two barrels.

Upon reaching challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Megaturret Glove from any Gadgetron vendor for 620,000 bolts, and to the Giga and Omega Megaturret Glove by upgrading it afterwards.


A Mini Turret and a Megaturret.

The Miniturret Glove is a wrist-mounted silver and orange launcher. It features a muzzle on the end from which the turrets are fired in a small sphere. Two tubes stem from the back to the front closer to the muzzle. The Megaturret Glove features a near-identical appearance, with a blue appearance and orange decorations.

The Miniturrets appear as a small sphere, which then deploys into a full-sized turret and immediately aim for enemies. They are small, red and silver weapons with a single barrel. The Megaturrets features shark mouth decorations to the side of each barrel, and blue and orange highlights.


Ratchet using the Miniturret Glove.

The turrets, when thrown, target any enemy within range on their own and fire at them. The turrets can play a defensive role in protecting Ratchet from incoming enemies, or an offensive role in adding to the damage Ratchet deals simultaneously with other weapons. The turrets, therefore, play a strategic role and are useful in almost all circumstances, able to cover ground and supplement Ratchet's firepower. Their main weakness is that, prior to upgrades, they cannot move after being deployed, and their turrets will waste bullets against faster enemies that can avoid their fire.

Multiple turrets can be deployed at once, though there is a limit. They can, therefore, be deployed in a set area to cover ground and effectively serve as a trap for enemies. They are useful against most types of targets, from small enemies that attack in mobs, to large bosses, though they are weaker against more agile enemies that can avoid their fire. Nevertheless, the versatility and damage of the miniturrets makes them useful in a majority of circumstances throughout the game, as long as their shortcomings are taken into account.

In Going Commando, the Miniturret Glove can be modified with the Shock Mod. This allows its damage to spread across multiple targets with electricity from the first target hitting those nearby. It is a very useful mod for the weapon adding even further to its versatility. After upgrading to the Megaturret Glove, it fires missiles instead, which are harder for enemies to avoid.

In Up Your Arsenal, the weapon upgrades in different stages. The V3 Miniturret Glove fires ice explosives at enemies, providing a small slow effect. At V4, the turrets lock onto targets faster. At V5 as the Megaturret, the turrets fire missiles, making them harder for enemies to avoid and doing more damage. They also teleport with Ratchet, making them more consistently useful, and will actively target crates if there are no present enemies. Each of these upgrades adds to the weapons' utility. Though the miniturrets and megaturrets remain useful throughout the game, the Rift Inducer later serves a similar role in terms of covering an area.

Behind the scenes

The Miniturret Glove was overpowered while developing Going Commando, and as a result, a restriction was placed on the number of miniturrets that could be active at once.[1] This restriction was not present in early builds of the game prior to release, and the miniturrets were originally not solid, meaning Ratchet and enemies could walk through them.[2]

There is a bug in all of this weapon's appearances that allowed the player to go through walls by standing up against a wall and throwing the weapon to Ratchet's feet. This glitch was harder than with the Decoy Glove, due to the turret's limited lifetime.

In Size Matters, a similar weapon was developed, though it was cut from the game, as it was replaced by the Bee Mine Glove. It could be seen in the High Impact Games Treehouse under the name "CUT" (known as MiniTurret). It can be obtained, but once the player changed weapons or left the Treehouse, it had to be obtained again.[3]



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