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Minibombers[1] are enemies sent by Drek Industries in Ratchet & Clank, fought in Gorda City, Oltanis, during "Find the survivors of the blarg attack" and "Purchase Gadgetron PDA from 'Steve'". They are low-altitude craft which drop large bombs in a fixed area after detecting Ratchet. They appear to be automated, as they lack a visible cockpit for a blarg pilot to fit in.

Minibombers are small, yellow hovercraft with two wings container propellers, a large thruster on their backs, and a large mortar cannon below them from where bombs are dropped. Minibombers, upon Ratchet's arrival, will fly in when in close range of the bombs, continuously dropping large bombs in a fixed area as long as Ratchet is still within its detection area, even if he is out of range of the bombs. If Ratchet runs past them without destroying them, they will fly away. Minibombers are very durable, taking three Devastator missiles to be destroyed. The Visibomb Gun is a strong weapon against them, able to destroy them before they come into range. However, as they can only fire in a specific area, another option is to simply dodge their bombs and ignore them.


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