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The Mini Turret Launcher is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a weapon which launches autonomous gun turrets that target and fire lasers at enemies. Many can be thrown at once.

With use, it can be upgraded to the Quasar Turret Launcher, which focuses a laser beam at enemies before firing.


Vox Industries illegally used patented mini-turret technology first developed by Megacorp in the Bogon Galaxy for the Miniturret Glove. When a team of Megacorp lawyers approached Vox Headquarters to present litigation, they became contestants on DreadZone. Megacorp has since ceased legal recourse.

The Mini Turret Launcher can be purchased for 100,000 bolts once available from a vendor, and upgraded to the Quasar Turret Launcher with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded for 2,000,000 bolts to the Mega Quasar Turret Launcher.


The Mini Turret Launcher is a small, green launcher with a large nozzle and a left-hand grip. The Quasar Turret Launcher features small claws alongside the nozzle, and a small screen at the top and back of the weapon.

When fired, it deploys a spherical metal canister which, upon touching the ground, deploys a miniature gun turret.


The turrets, when deployed, fire until they run out of ammo or after a certain time of disuse. They are useful against any type of threat and are very versatile, dealing plenty of damage over the course of their use. They serve a very defensive role for Ratchet and can, when strategically placed, defend him from incoming threats as he fires his own weaponry against other enemies.

When upgraded to the Quasar Turret Launcher, its lasers fire more concentrated, and more powerful beams at enemies.

When modifying the weapon, its versatility makes it well compatible with most omega mods. Brainwash and morphing mods are useful to apply the effects to weaken enemies as opposed to damaging them further, and can make it more defensive. The shock mod and acid mod can allow it to deal more damage in specific circumstances. However, arguably the most useful mod for the weapon is the freeze mod, which slows down enemies while damaging them, that can make it both defensive and offensive at the same time, and grant great utility to the weapon.

Behind the scenes

Cut V2 form for the Mini Turret Launcher

An unused alternate upgrade of the Mini Turret Launcher can be found in the files of the demo version.

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