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Mini-ninja henchmen[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal fought in Lot 43, Holostar Studios. They only appear a few times during the mission "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode", in which they attack Clank and Skrunch in the Secret Agent Clank episode, "Maxmillian Strikes Back". They are tiny ninja robots the size of Clank, similar to ninja bots and giant ninjas, and are loyal to Maxmillian.

Mini-ninjas surrounding Clank.

Mini-ninja henchmen attack by lunging forward with their sword, after which they will perform a backflip to avoid counter-attacks. If possible, they will then once again close in on their target in an attempt to hit them, repeating the same movements. They are very fragile and can be destroyed in two hits by Clank's normal punches.

Behind the scenes

The mini-ninja henchmen were developed based on the regular ninja bots, explaining their similar behavior.[2]



Video games
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