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Mine layers[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank. They are small, blargian, humanoid robots sent by Drek Industries which were fought in Metropolis, Kerwan, during "Visit Al's Roboshack," "Explore the rest of the city," and after "Ride the Robot Train." They are mostly red and brown robots with large black backpacks from which they drop mines.

Mine layers make a small jump of surprise upon seeing Ratchet, and will then run along a set path, periodically laying a set of five mines from the device, which take a split second to activate (but are safe to touch when still in mid-air). Any mines they walk back over on their path will be picked up again, and if Ratchet runs in front of a Mine Layer, they will turn around, leaving them vulnerable to be destroyed by their own mines. These enemies are easily defeated with the Blaster to stop them from laying mines, and their mines are easy enough to avoid.



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