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This Mine Launcher was most likely bought in the asset auction of the now defunct Dreadzone television series. Civilian uses for the launcher include asteroid gardening, professional sports, and marriage counseling.

Weapon Description, SAC

The Mine Launcher is a weapon developed by Gadgetron and used by Ratchet in Secret Agent Clank. It is based on Vox Industries's original Hunter Mine Launcher, purchased by Gadgetron in an asset auction of the DreadZone series and marketed towards civilians. The weapon deploys mines that seek and destroy enemies that approach.

The Mine Launcher is found by Clank in the Skyline Rooftops on Asyanica and then sent to Ratchet in the form of a "Tiramisu Launcher cake". With use, it can be upgraded to the prison modified Ordnance Launcher at V4. Two mods are available for the weapon: the ordnance mod, costing 20,000 bolts, which adds three Bouncer bomblets to release after the first mine explodes, and the persistence mod for 15,000 bolts, which creates a film around each mine that ignites to a napalm substitute which is left behind after the initial explosion. In challenge mode, the Titan Mine Launcher can be purchased.

It was delivered to Ratchet disguised as the "Tiramisu Launcher cake".[1]


The Tiramisu Launcher cake, that was given to Ratchet when he was in prison

Much like Vox Industries' Hunter Mine Launcher, the Mine Launcher is a short weapon with three claws around its wide triangular nozzle, though the shape is flipped compared to the Hunter Mine Launcher. The weapon is shorter, with a lighter blue appearance and brown handles.


The Mine Launcher in action

The Mine Launcher deploys mines that seek out and explode upon enemies that come within close proximity. It can serve as a defensive and strategic weapon that allows the player to deploy the mines on a certain space to clear it of enemies, but can also be used offensively when aimed at enemies. The relative low ammunition of the weapon means that its explosive mines are best suited defending against larger or medium enemies than being aimed at smaller enemies, against which the Bee Mine Mk. II is more suited.

The Ordnance Launcher's mines have a larger explosive radius. The ordnance mod for 20,000 bolts adds three bomblets to each mine that release after the first explosion, while the persistence mod for 15,000 bolts creates napalm around each bomb that explodes. These upgrades all allow the weapon to be more useful against larger groups of enemies, and to transition into a weapon more designed and clearing crowds of groups rather than focused on larger enemies. The weapon can be effective at crowd clearing, and granting the player a footing.


  1. Video clip is titled "Tiramisu Launcher cake" in Secret Agent Clank.
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