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Clank fighting a microdrone inside the Great Clock.

These Microdrones aren't that tough - just bash 'em!

Alister Azimuth on Microdrones., ACiT

Microdrones[1] were small robots in Nefarious's army of Nefarious troopers. They used electricity to attack. If three of them merged they became a normal Nefarious trooper. Microdrones were easily dispensed by a single hit, though they could be also be quite challenging to fight in very large groups. These pesky little robots were first encountered by Clank in the Great Clock: Sector One, and first encountered by Ratchet in the Zolar Forest on planet Quantos.[2]

After beating the game and unlocking challenge mode, you get the bolt multiplier, meaning the more enemies you kill, the more bolts you get. These microdones always appeared in groups so were useful for increasing multiplier. They were only ever mentioned by name by General Alister Azimuth inside Pollyx Industries.[2]


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