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Metropolis is a map in the multiplayer mode in Up Your Arsenal. It is nearly identical to the area of Metropolis visited during the Galactic Rangers' Operation: URBAN STORM, and consists of a variety of mirrored rooftops and towers, connected by bridges. The rooftops are traversed using the Swingshot as well as a few jump pads. Each base stands on a rooftop at the top or bottom of the map, and between it is a small bridge connecting the base to the rooftop of another structure, which itself is connected by a long diagonal bridge to the opposing structure closer to the other teams' base. These rooftops both have a usable turret.

Both of these rooftops also have jump pads, allowing access to an adjacent elevated rooftop with a node, which has basic defenses and provides a Morph-o-Ray, a Lava Gun, and a hovership when captured. A third jump pad instead leads to one of the pyramid-like structures, containing a node on-top, placed on either side of the bridge.

Map of Metropolis.

To the right from each base are two versa-targets that lead to the rooftop of a structure in the corner of the map, where a node is contained, and capturing it will provide a Minirocket Tube and a Flux Rifle. Continuing to follow this rooftop will lead to a grav-ramp leading up to the top of a tower, where drone bots and nanotech can be obtained, and a set of versa-targets can be used to reach the opposing teams' node closest to their turret, in addition to providing a useful vantage point for snipers to use the Flux Rifle.

Two opposing pyramid-like towers in the top left and bottom right side of the map also contain nodes which provide a Flux Rifle and a Minirocket Tube respectively. Around the towers are a Mine Glove and Charge Boots, as well as a jump pad to the opposing teams' first node. These towers can either be reached using the Swingshot from the rooftops containing the nodes in the corners of the maps, or using the jump pads from the rooftop with each teams' first node.