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My trigger finger's getting itchy…

Merc, DL

Merc is a major support character in Deadlocked. He is one of two combat bots salvaged by Big Al that assisted Ratchet in combat during his DreadZone challenges, working for Team Darkstar alongside his companion Green. Merc was the more confident and battle-ready of the two, though he used the same equipment.


Merc was originally a veteran soldier who had fought in wars before. Later on, he became partners to Green, another combat bot. The two served a DreadZone contestant, though their former owner died, giving Green nightmares about the event.

Merc and Green remained unemployed until Ratchet, Clank and Big Al were kidnapped and forced to compete in DreadZone as Team Darkstar. Al obtained the two combat bots from their former contestant, and had salvaged them. The two then fought with Ratchet throughout the rest of his stay on DreadZone, with upgrades for their being sold at their upgrade station with Al.

When DreadZone was terminated after Ratchet defeated Gleeman Vox and destroyed the DreadZone Station, Merc and Green took jobs at Galaxy Burger, serving millions of eager customers who clamored to see the famous combat bots from DreadZone. However, the two bots overtime decided they wanted a quiet and calm life, and later on petitioned themselves to become the new den leaders of the Ratchet fan club, which had lost its former den leader "Big Tool" (Big Al) after he got into an argument over Exterminator trading cards.



Merc is a humanoid combat bot with a booster in place of legs, as he hovers over ground. He is well armored and has a brown and blue design. Ratchet was able to purchase many new color schemes for Merc, as well as purchase cosmetic changes to pieces of his metal body.

Merc has an identical appearance to Green.


Hey DreadZone! Is that all you got?

Merc, DL

Merc is a veteran soldier who had seen war, had nerves of steel and was normally unafraid of danger. However, he revealed on the grind rail challenge on Kronos that he was afraid of heights. Merc had a gruffer voice than Green, whose voice was softer.


Merc made use of many weapons and gadgets that Ratchet could purchase from Vox Industries during his time in DreadZone. His equipment included:

Merc would use his weaponry automatically, and use gadgets when Ratchet issued orders.

Behind the scenes

Merc was voiced by Phil Morris, who also voiced Reactor and Captain Starshield.

According to unused audio files, Merc had spent time in prison, charged due to parking tickets.

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