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Megacorp is pleased to welcome our returning champion, he slithered into all of our hearts, please give a round of applause for, Megapede!

Megapede was an immense[1] centipede-like robot gladiator from the Bogon Galaxy, and being one of the most feared gladiators in Bogon along with the Arachnoid, Chainblade and the B2 Brawler. It originated on planet Vaknar III's Torbian Canyon,[1] but its home planet was stated as Joba in the Monsterpedia. The insect was taken to the Megacorp Games on Joba to compete as a gladiator.


Megapede was built in Torbian Canyon, on planet Vaknar III. He later rose to fame as a professional gladiator at the Megacorp Games on planet Joba, becoming a major champion and being one of the most feared gladiators in the Bogon Galaxy. He later was inactive from combat for quite some time until a Lombax by the name of Ratchet came along, causing Megapede to return to career as a professional gladiator. Unfortunately, he was defeated in several gladiatorial challenges by Ratchet, which included the Impossible Challenge.


When fighting Megapede in the arena, it would circle around the arena while releasing numerous bombs all over the arena floor. These bombs were similar in aesthetics to the bomb glove projectiles but do not explode upon impact - after a second or two of proximity to Ratchet, the bomb would detonate. The player must shoot at Megapede until, when enough damage has been dished out, a segment of its body detaches. The segment will scuttle quickly on four newly grown legs to a position before opening fire on you in Miniturret-like fashion. Once a segment is defeated, the field is cleared of bombs. This process is repeated until Megapede is defeated. The final three segments will simultaneously come down as turrets against the player. After they all are destroyed, the battle ends.


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Combat with Megapede was involved in the following Megacorp Games arena challenges:


  • Although his Monsterpedia entry depicts him with legs, the only time he is ever seen with legs during gameplay is when one of his segments is knocked off and you have to fight the segment which sprouts two pairs of legs. 

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