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Megapede is a boss in Going Commando, fought at the Megacorp Games on planet Joba. It is a flying centipede-like robot with chrome metal plating, consisting of eight separate parts. The front part is the head, which has two large pincers with blue eyes, and three red eyes facing the front. Following that are ten cylindrical-shaped body parts, each with two pairs of thin legs. The last body part is the tail, which only has two antennae.

Megapede is originally from the Torbian Canyon of planet Vaknar III,[1] but he competes as a gladiator at the Megacorp Games. Ratchet and Clank fought it during the arena challenges "Megapede Battle", "Time Challenge - Kill Megapede in 3 Minutes", and in the final round of "The Impossible Challenge!".


Concept art

Megapede will constantly circle the arena at high speed, flying above the lava, almost never slowing down and constantly raining down homing proximity bombs on the arena floor. When enough damage is taken, one of its main body parts will fall off, land on the floor, and arm a small turret that appears from its back. It can do this several times, until near the end, the head and tail die on their own, leaving only the last three segments to be dealt with.