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Weapon vendor

Armor vendor

Megacorp vendors are vendors operated by Megacorp which feature in Going Commando. Two types of vendors are located across the Bogon Galaxy: one selling weapons and ammunition, and one selling armor. The weapons vendor is linked to the Megacorp weapons emporium,[1] and weapons vendors are found on all planets. Armor vendors are found only on planets Dobbo, Boldan, Snivelak, Grelbin, and Oozla during challenge mode.

Both weapon and armor vendors rest on a plus-shaped base, with a black and hollow cylinder in the center, which emits a dark blue or bright yellow light for the weapon and armor vendors, respectively. The light appears to be for a small rotating 3D hologram of the Megacorp logo, with the letters 'Megacorp' rotating around it, the letters are either a light blue or yellow, depending on on the vendor type. The armor vendor's hologram logo is significantly smaller than the weapon vendor's.

On four of the sides of the cylinder, each facing a cardinal direction, a metal triangular block is bolted onto the vendor, filling out the ends of the plus-shaped base. Each triangle has the longest side facing outwards, displaying a small blue or yellow screen with the Megacorp logo. Each side of the triangular block is connected to the ones next to it through a dark, rimmed, tube.



The following refers to all weapons purchased at a Megacorp vendor, including the price for their Mega weapon upgrade in challenge mode.

Weapon Purchase price Mega upgrade price Ammo price First available
Lancer 350,000 1 Initially
Gravity Bomb 1,500,000 50 Initially
Chopper 5,000 150,000 4 Megacorp Outlet, Oozla
Blitz Gun 15,000 375,000 5 Megacorp Outlet, Oozla
Pulse Rifle 20,000 400,000 50 Megapolis, Endako
Miniturret Glove 25,000 550,000 15 Megapolis, Endako
Seeker Gun 5,000 200,000 20 Vukovar Canyon, Barlow
Synthenoids 65,000 450,000 100 Canal City, Notak
Lava Gun 25,000 200,000 1 Mining area, Tabora
Bouncer 100,000 350,000 50 Mining area, Tabora
Minirocket Tube 50,000 450,000 20 Testing facility, Dobbo
Spiderbot Glove 15,000 375,000 50 Megacorp Games, Joba
Plasma Coil 150,000 750,000 50 Megacorp Games, Joba
Hoverbomb Gun 120,000 1,250,000 50 Megacorp Armory, Todano
Shield Charger 100,000 250,000 100 Flying lab, Aranos (return)
Zodiac 1,500,000 10,000 Flying lab, Aranos (return)
RYNO II 1,000,000 50 Challenge mode[a]
Clank Zapper 1,000,000 100 Challenge mode

Mega Gadgetron weapons

Weapon Purchase price Ammo price
Mega Bomb Glove 1,000 5
Mega Walloper 8,000
Mega Decoy Glove 50,000 10
Mega Tesla Claw 80,000 2
Mega Visibomb Gun 150,000 100

The following refers to weapons that are acquired from the Help Matron, but have a Mega upgrade available at the Megacorp vendor in challenge mode.


Armor Purchase price First available
Tetrafiber armor 25,000 Testing facility, Dobbo
Duraplate armor 100,000 Silver City, Boldan
Electrosteel armor 250,000 Thug HQ, Snivelak
Carbonox armor 1,000,000 Tundor Wastes, Grelbin


  1. Applies to the Megacorp vendor only; can otherwise be purchased from Help Matron

Behind the scenes

The armor vendor originally had the same blue color scheme as the yellow vendor. This was present in a demo released for Going Commando, and early builds of the game.[2] Additionally, the vendor would originally have lines, similar to the Gadgetron vendor in Ratchet & Clank, spoken by the HelpDesk girl's voice.[3][4]


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