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Megacorp gladiators[1] are enemies in Going Commando and Secret Agent Clank. They are genetically engineered Megacorp aliens that fought in the Galactic Gladiators event in the Maktar Resort, while the more powerful elite Megacorp gladiators[1] fought in the Megacorp Games event on Joba. Ratchet encountered them both during the arena battles in the Bogon Galaxy, and also years later on the Prison Planet.


Going Commando

Megacorp gladiators were aliens genetically engineered by Megacorp to be the galaxy's most efficient fighting machines and fight in their gladiator events.[1] Some of the Megacorp gladatiors joined the Megacorp Elite Gladiator Association (MEGA), and card-carrying members for three decades fought in the Megacorp Games.[1]

Ratchet fought standard gladiators in the Galactic Gladiators events, first in an event to win the Electrolyzer, and later for bolts. He later fought the elite gladiators on Joba, first to win the Infiltrator and Gravity Boots, and later for bolt prizes.

Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank is in-universe fiction.
Secret Agent Clank is an in-universe holofilm in the Secret Agent Clank fictional series. Its events are a fictional movie within the Ratchet & Clank universe. Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Megacorp Gladiators in prison

Megacorp gladiators later appeared on the Prison Planet, eager to exact revenge on Ratchet in prison.


Megacorp gladiators are muscular, green, reptilian aliens with purple eyes and sharp teeth. Standard gladiators wear dark grey shirts and brown pants. Elite gladiators wear extremely heavy armor with very thick shoulder pads, and a glass helmet. Both carry the same large chain-mace and heavy shield as weaponry, while the elite gladiators' chain-maces have tetrafiber-enhanced blades.[1]

In battle, when Megacorp gladiators arrive into an arena from bullpens, they will attack by cautiously moving towards a target and then swinging their chain-mace to attack. They will use their shield for defense, and after hitting Ratchet successfully, will cheer triumphantly. Notably, they often engage in fights with each other if they are too far away from Ratchet.

In prison, the Megacorp gladiators wore prison uniform, and instead wielded barbells as weapons.


In Going Commando, Megacorp gladiators use their chain-mace for both short or medium range attacks. They use their shield for defense against attacks, though they will drop it on sustaining enough damage. Megacorp gladiators mostly pose a threat in large numbers, as when clustered, many can swing their chain-maces at Ratchet at once, making them harder to avoid. Nonetheless a timed jump away from them will generally succeed in a successful dodge.

The best strategy against both gladiator types is to use ranged weapons with some area of effect, such as the Chopper and Blitz Gun. Against the elite variant, a more powerful weapon such as the Minirocket Tube, Bouncer, Plasma Coil, or Hoverbomb Gun) will be effective against clustered gladiators. It is also possible, when trying to preserve ammo for some matches, to bait out their attacks and then dodge them; if aligned correctly, they will instead hit other gladiators and enemies, slowly whittling down other's health.


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