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Megacorp Troopers[1] are enemies in Going Commando. They are humanoid robot soldiers that form the vanguard of Megacorp's security forces, they are armed with dual plasma pistols, and are trained in group fighting.[1]

Ratchet and Clank fought the standard model of troopers defending the testing facility on Dobbo and the Megacorp Armory on Todano. They later fought the stronger Megacorp Trooper v2.0[2] defending the Protopet Factory on Yeedil.


Ratchet and Clank first fought the Megacorp Troopers during "Explore the testing facility" on planet Dobbo. The Troopers defended both the inner and topside facilities against intruders. Megacorp Troopers were later fought again in the Megacorp Armory, both in "Explore the Weapons Facility" in which they defended the path to the Sheepinator, and during "Search the rocket silo" in which they fought Ratchet inside the facility before he spoke to Angela Cross.

Later, Megacorp Trooper v2.0 models defended the Protopet Factory on Yeedil in "Break into Megacorp Headquarters". They also attacked both the Mutant Protopet and Ratchet in "Defeat the mutated Protopet".


Megacorp Troopers are humanoid robots, with dark red armor and silver-colored rims and yellow lights as accents. As their armor falls off, it reveals a metal body underneath. Troopers can also lose their heads and still fire in an enemy's general direction, though they will no longer move. Troopers v2.0 are more heavily armored, with bright red lights instead of yellow.

Some Troopers are found on patrol, while others are warped in onto warp pads to replace those that are destroyed, as per their training.[1] Troopers make use of blocks for cover, and are capable of running and gunning with their plasma shots. Trooper plasma shots are accurate and fast projectiles, but can only fire in short bursts from their twin pistols.


Megacorp Troopers are well armored, making them durable, and their rapid fire plasma shots can deal a decent amount of damage if they land, meaning it is important to keep strafing and performing evasive maneuvers around them. Troopers operate in a unit, and use blocks for cover, and will perform advanced skills such as shooting while moving. When engaging them in combat, the best weapons against them are the Lava Gun or the Seeker Gun (with Miniturret Glove and Synthenoids for support) at first.

Later on these can be replaced with the Minirocket Tube, Bouncer, Plasma Coil, and Hoverbomb Gun as they deal more than sufficient damage to destroy the Troopers, while also damaging nearby Troopers in their formation. Another strategy against some of them is to snipe from a distance with the Pulse Rifle, or use the more mobile Spiderbot Glove. Megacorp Troopers v2.0 are largely the same aside from being more durable and dealing more damage, meaning the same rules apply.

Behind the scenes

Megacorp Trooper concept art.png

The Trooper v2.0 has an unused Monsterpedia entry that is not seen in the game. This entry contains no new information aside from the name and the fact that they are upgraded.[2]

Megacorp Troopers were difficult to program, due to being strafing enemies with two moving parts, as only Ratchet's character model had the animation bundling system at the time. The solution was thus for the Troopers to be made of two parts that move independently of each other.[3]


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