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Megacorp Sweeper Bots[1] are enemies in Going Commando, encountered in Megapolis on planet Endako. They are small, yellow, Megacorp robots designed to clean the streets. They were also used in the testing facility on Dobbo, to clean up the mess after Megacorp Security Turrets destroyed intruders.[1] When Ratchet arrived in Megapolis following Clank's abduction, the Sweeper Bots had malfunctioned, and were unable to differentiate between garbage and organic life.[1] Ratchet fought them during the missions "Rescue Clank from the thief" and "Visit Clank's apartment", while Clank fought a few during "Free Ratchet".

Sweeper Bots use three spinning brushes for mobility, which can also double as an attack as they rapidly spin around. They have a single eye from a stalk used to detect garbage. This eye changes color based on if garbage is detected; when no garbage is detected, their eyes are green; when they are suspicious of garbage or a threat (such as when Ratchet has destroyed one from range and they cannot see him), their eyes turn yellow; when they detect garbage, their eyes turn red, and they emit a beeping sound. Sweeper Bots are normally found in groups patrolling an area, and additional units are spawned when Ratchet knocks over a trash can, though they can also be summoned if there is no apparent cause.

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As soon as Sweeper Bots detect Ratchet, they will slowly approach him and initiate a spinning attack. While they attack in large numbers, they have very low durability and can be defeated by any means. In most cases, using the Blitz Gun or Chopper can clear out waves of them before they can get close. The Miniturret Glove is also effective, as a deployed miniturret can hold its own against a deployment of larger groups of Sweeper Bots. When Ratchet takes over the cranes during "Rescue Clank from the thief", it is possible to destroy them by dropping blocks or hovering a Megacorp Laser Bot over them (though doing so will cost you experience for your weapons).