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Megacorp Sentinels,[1] also known as sentinel bots,[2] are minor enemies in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. They are Megacorp products that hover above the ground with a searchlight for detecting intruders, and fire turrets beneath them upon finding them. Ratchet and Clank first encountered them on Dobbo in the Bogon Galaxy, and in the Solana Galaxy, Clank encountered them on Aquatos and on the Thran Asteroid Belt.


Megacorp Sentinels were developed in the testing facility, Dobbo, and used by Megacorp as an early warning.[1] In Going Commando, Ratchet and Clank encountered them during "Explore the testing facility", in which they searched the inner facility on their way to the core terminal. The Sentinels fired at Ratchet upon discovering him, but though they had considerable armor, he was able to destroy them.

In Up Your Arsenal, Clank encountered them during "Find Nefarious' Office", in which they guarded the ventilation shaft to the office of Dr. Nefarious. Clank would be instantly killed by these, and thus he used Skrunch to distract them by firing bananas into their searchlight. Later, during "Unlock the Forcefield", they were one of two Megacorp products along with lawn ninjas that guarded the underground caverns beneath Qwark's hideout on the Thran Asteroid Belt. Clank once again used Skrunch to get past them in order to disable the forcefield blocking him and Ratchet from reaching Captain Qwark.


Megacorp Sentinels are hovering, dome-shaped, black devices that fly several feet above the ground. They have bright blue lights along their rim, a yellow top, two thrusters facing downwards on their sides, and a searchlight, for detecting intruders, with two turrets on their bottom. After the searchlight finds an intruder, it sets off an alarm alerting nearby Sentinels, which will fire their cannons. They have a set pattern for their patrols.

In Up Your Arsenal they have been reduced in functionality, only able to light up anything directly below them, move back and forth, or guard small passages.


In Going Commando, Megacorp Sentinels are durable opponents, and can be difficult to deal with due to their rapid rate of fire and the height at which they hover. They only attack enemies that enter their searchlights, meaning they can be somewhat avoided. If an enemy has been detected but remains outside of the lights they will repeatedly attempt to find it again. The Seeker Gun, Miniturret Glove, and Pulse Rifle are sufficient at taking them out, or if available, the Minirocket Tube.

In Up Your Arsenal, they will instantly kill Clank after hitting him. This means it is necessary to distract them with Skrunch by firing a banana in their searchlight, causing Skrunch to run into them. After triggering them it is important to stay away from Skrunch in order to avoid the crossfire.

Behind the scenes

Megacorp Sentinel concept art.png

When destroyed, they will drop a lightbulb, which is actually a small version of the destroyed Sentinel.

Megacorp Sentinels are similar in function to blarg heavy interceptors.

In Up Your Arsenal, there is a game bug where sentinel bots can be pushed out of the way by the camera. This makes it possible for Clank to go past them without the help of Skrunch.[3]