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The Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Model,[1] also known as the MSR type 2,[1] is an enemy in Going Commando. It is a Megacorp robot used for security, usually deployed alongside the Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model, as well as the PX6 BladeBall. It is used by various organizations and characters, including Angela Cross for protection, and in gladiatorial combat of both Galactic Gladiators and the Megacorp Games.

Three versions of the flamethrower MSR were seen throughout Going Commando, with the two superior versions being named v2.0 and v3.0 respectively. These models had the ability to shoot ranged fireballs.


The Unknown Thief with an MSR

The Megacorp Security Robot II - Chainsaw Model v1.0 was guaranteed by Megacorp to stop 80% of intruders, and was designed for those who cannot afford Megacorp's best security.[1] It was first encountered in the flying lab on Aranos, during "Infiltrate the flying base" and "Escape the thief's security robots", but deployed more rarely than the MSR type 1. Angela Cross, at the time known as the Unknown Thief, deployed the MSR type II for security on her lab, but when Ratchet almost retrieved the Protopet regardless, she expressed disappointment, claiming the v1.0 was an outdated model.[2] This version of the MSR was later seen in the Galactic Gladiators in the Maktar Resort.

The MSR type 2 v2.0 has improved armor, and flamethrowers upgraded to provide the finest combustibility available, with Megacorp promising they will melt intruders "like an ice cream cone in the middle of the desert".[1] These were sometimes deployed by dropships and used to defend the frozen base on Siberius, as Angela used them to delay Ratchet and Clank and protect her while trying to destroy the Protopet during the mission "Find and confront the thief".

The MSR type 2 v3.0 was given reinforced armor and an upgraded dual purpose flamethrower, allowing them to both shoot a stream of fire or a single ranged burst of fire, which Megacorp promised would melt intruders like "a milkshake on the surface of the sun".[1] It was first fought in the Megacorp Games, and later in the flying lab on Aranos again, while it was occupied by the Thugs-4-Less and holding Ratchet and Clank prisoner, during "Meet up in the hangar bay".


Much like the type 1 model, the MSR is a medium sized robot with four spider-like legs, and an otherwise humanoid form, though it is orange-red in color. Its left hand has four pincers and a red light in its palm, while the right hand is a Raritanium-plated arm-mounted flamethrower.[1] Its face consists of a single red eye, and it has a red light both in its chest and connecting its four limbs. When attacking, it will move forwards, spraying its flamethrower from left to right to burn foes in front of it, without stopping until a foe is out of sight.

The MSR v2.0 and v3.0 are largely similar in appearance, but slightly bulkier. Both are improved in armor, while the third version gives it a dual purpose flamethrower that allows it to use both of its predecessors' attacks.[1]

The MSR can be found in two idle positions: either dangling from a ceiling using a rope connected to its clawed right appendage, or deactivated on the ground with its arms and legs tucked in, the lights on its eyes off. When an intruder arrives, it will either descend with the rope, or power up and move towards a target. When the target its out of sight, it will spin its left hand in the air, and upon seeing them again, will resume its attack.


The v1.0 MSR flamethrower model is slightly more difficult than the MSR chainsaw model, due to its longer range and wider arc of attack, and the fact that it does not stop after hitting Ratchet, giving the player less time to recover. However, the strategy for dealing with it is the same: a few Lancer bullets will destroy it before it comes close, and the Gravity Bomb can destroy a cluster in one shot. The Chopper and Blitz Gun are also excellent alternatives during the Gladiator Games.

The v2.0 MSRs are more challenging due to their higher durability and their ranged attack, but they are still dealt with using the standard strategy against ranged enemies. Rely on strafing and sideflips to dodge their ranged attacks, and return fire when available. They tend to appear in medium to large groups, but are quite vulnerable to the available support weapons like the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove. The Blitz Gun remains viable, and the Pulse Rifle can be good at picking them off from a distance, while the Seeker Gun is a good option for dealing with lone targets.

The v3.0 model is more durable, and is capable of both firing fireballs at a range and the short range flamethrower. However, they will only fire at a certain distance, meaning that approaching them at a range where they are far away enough that their flames are ineffective but close enough that they will not fire ranged fireballs can render them much weaker. The Minirocket Tube, Plasma Coil, Bouncer, and Hoverbomb Gun are very effective against the v3.0 models.