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The Megacorp Scientist[1] is a minor character in Going Commando. He is a small humanoid with two antennas, who wears a lab coat and glasses, and is the inventor of the Tractor Beam. He worked on planet Oozla near the Megacorp Outlet.

The Scientist presenting the Tractor Beam on Oozla.

The Megacorp Scientist encountered Ratchet on Oozla, during "Explore the swamp ruins", while the latter was searching for the whereabouts of the Unknown Thief. He was one of many on Oozla and the only one that Ratchet encountered that was not devoured by swamp creatures. When Ratchet arrived, the Scientist began a demonstration of the Tractor Beam, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Ratchet was the only member of the audience. Ratchet volunteered and was promptly thrown about on a Tractor Beam platform. The Scientist then sold Ratchet the tractor beam for 1,000 bolts.

In Up Your Arsenal, he later attended the movie premiere of the Secret Agent Clank film.



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