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Megacorp Robot Guards[1] are enemies in Going Commando, encountered in the Megacorp Armory on Todano, as well as the distribution facility on Smolg. They are large robot guards, with a thick and heavily armored torso, a single red eye, thrusters in place of legs, and a long-ranged blaster cannon on their right arm. They are used by Megacorp to patrol its important facilities. Ratchet and Clank first encountered them on Todano during "Search the rocket silo", and also encountered one defending Stuart Zurgo. They later encountered them on Smolg during "Explore the docked ships" and "Search the Distribution Facility".

Megacorp Robot Guards will fire from their cannon at long range, and if Ratchet gets close, they will use their superior mobility to move away. They are heavily armored and durable enemies, and their long range cannon make them a priority to destroy. Therefore, your best defense is a long-range weapon, such as the Minirocket Tube or Plasma Coil. Alternatively, one can rely on cover and using a remote-controlled weapon like the Spiderbot Glove or the Hoverbomb Gun to handle them without getting in danger.

Behind the scenes

Concept art.

The Megacorp Robot Guard's design as a giant flying torso became a staple. The enemy was internally named simply "giant flying torso", and came from designer Colin Munson having ran out of ideas for new enemies.[2] It was a simple design reused in Up Your Arsenal for the guard bot, which had also been designed by Munson. The design also appeared in Size Matters in the form of the guard torsos.