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Megacorp Rivet Bots[1] are enemies in Going Commando, with a cameo in Secret Agent Clank. They are large, black, bulky Megacorp-manufactured robots with a thruster in place of feet. They were designed to aid in construction, with some modified to also function as security robots.[1] The modified Rivet Bots carry two pistols from which they fire dangerous rivet shots. Ratchet encountered them during "Rescue Clank from the thief", during which they had gone rogue.[1]

In combat, Rivet Bots fire several rivet shots from their pistols before holding them up in the air and reloading. Their rivet shots have a short to medium range, and are fired if Ratchet gets within said range. They will then begin to fire at him repeatedly, tracing him with their shots until they run out of ammo. It is simple to avoid them by either strafing and side- or backflipping repeatedly, or simply by moving away. They are best defeated with a longer ranged weapon, such as the Chopper, Blitz Gun, or Pulse Rifle.

During Secret Agent Clank, Clank found two Rivet Bots located in the Boltaire Museum, one of which is "XT-3302", an evil twin of the other that altered a comet's trajectory to hit an animal shelter. The museum's plaque for both robots said it was difficult to determine which was the evil twin due to the lack of "glowing red eyes and metallic goatees".[2]

Behind the scenes

Early footage of a Rivet Bot on Endako.

Early footage of Going Commando shows brown Rivet Bots fought by Ratchet in an early version of the level, in which the level took place at night.