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Megacorp Hover Tanks are enemies in Going Commando, encountered at the testing facility on planet Dobbo, the Thug HQ on Snivelak, and the Protopet Factory on Yeedil. Produced by Megacorp, they are heavily armored tanks with a rapid-fire cannon as their main turret, and move through three large pads on the bottom that allow them to hover. They have a dark brown coloration, with several yellow and blue lights on the front and side. The Thugs-4-Less modified the existing design, producing a superior version called the Megacorp Hover Tank v2.0.

Ratchet and Clank encountered them during "Explore the testing facility" on Dobbo and "Break into Megacorp Headquarters" on Yeedil, where they served as a security force alongside the Megacorp Troopers. The Yeedil tanks are even stronger than those encountered on Dobbo, with improved armor and damage. During "Rescue Angela" on Snivelak, a v2.0 modified version of the Hover Tanks were used by the Thugs-4-Less to defend the Thug HQ.[1] Two of these guarded the bridge leading into the HQ itself, and were used by Henchmen as mobile cover.

Ratchet uses the Minirocket Tube against two tanks at Megacorp HQ.

Megacorp Hover Tanks are very well armored and can sustain a lot of damage before being destroyed. Their cannon is a rapid-fire plasma cannon that fires projectiles that reach a relatively long distance before exploding upon reaching maximum range. Hover Tanks are primarily a threat due to their durability, as their blasts are relatively easy to dodge through strafing and sideflips. They are best defeated with weapons that have high single target damage, such as the Seeker Gun, Pulse Rifle, Minirocket Tube early on, or the Bouncer, Hoverbomb Gun, and Plasma Coil in later altercations. The Pulse Rifle is particularly effective against Hover Tanks on Dobbo, as it is possible to fire at the Hover Tanks from a range that their own cannons cannot reach, making them safe to destroy.

Behind the scenes

Concept art

In Up Your Arsenal, the Hover Tank also appears in the Insomniac Museum, as a playable vehicle, with different weaponry in place of its plasma cannon. The Left analog stick stick is used to steer, the Right analog stick is used to move the cannon, X is used to fire a flamethrower from its eyestalk, Square fires homing missiles, and Circle fires rockets.