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Megacorp Games is a holovision show and competition in Going Commando. It is an arena combat sport sponsored by Megacorp, and held on planet Joba. It is also adjacent to the Megacorp Hoverbike Race, sponsored by Team Megacorp Racing.

Ratchet and Clank were granted entry by the Mathematician, a gatekeeper to the event who they encountered on Dobbo. The two impressed him in "Defeat the Thug Leader", in which they fought the Thug Leader as Giant Clank in Lunar City. After fighting through Joba tribesmen, they reached and participated in the tournament. They then won the Gravity Boots and the Infiltrator.


The ground level.

The cage match level.

Much like the Galactic Gladiators, each challenge is made up of a few waves of enemies. The enemies fought here are the elite Megacorp gladiator, nidbot, Jobian saur-beast, Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v3.0, Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v3.0, and Blade Ball v2.0. All except the flamethrower MSRs are close range only, though the nidbot, Blade Ball and Jobian saur-beast are capable of closing the distance quickly. Some challenges also involve fighting the bosses, the Arachnoid and the Megapede.

The arena challenges are more diverse than the Galactic Gladiators, namely due to the introduction of cage matches. In some challenges, the center of the arena will transform into a jump pad up to a cage, a cylindrical, glass cage on which the Gravity Boots are used. The main arena becomes filled with lava, so the entire fight must be fought on the cage. Aside from this, challenges often feature typical gimmicks suck as time limits.

After the first two challenges, bolts are awarded for completing each challenge, and the prize reduces each time the challenge is completed again. Most challenges can easily be attempted immediately upon reaching the arena, though some may want to return later for the more difficult challenges when they have stronger weapons, particularly The Impossible Challenge.


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Challenge First prize Second prize Third prize Rounds
Battle for the Gravity Boots Gravity Boots 1,800 bolts 540 bolts 500 bolts
Cage Match for the Infiltrator Infiltrator 1,800 bolts 540 bolts 500 bolts
Arachnoid Battle 7,500 bolts 2,250 bolts 675 bolts
Damage Avoidance Challenge
Don't Take A Hit!
5,000 bolts 1,500 bolts 500 bolts 5
Hazard Cage Match
Look Out Below!
5,000 bolts 1,500 bolts 500 bolts 9
Time Challenge
Kill 90 Enemies in 90 Seconds
5,000 bolts 1,500 bolts 500 bolts
Megapede Battle 12,500 bolts 3,750 bolts 1,125 bolts
Limited Weapon Challenge
Use Only The Wrench
5,000 bolts 1,500 bolts 500 bolts 6
Timed Limited Weapon Challenge
Lancer all enemies in 60 seconds
10,000 bolts 3,000 bolts 900 bolts
Time Challenge
Kill Megapede in 3 Minutes
10,000 bolts 3,000 bolts 900 bolts
The Impossible Challenge! 200,000 bolts 60,000 bolts 18,000 bolts 60
Damage Avoidance Challenge
Don't get hit by Megapede!
100,000 bolts 30,000 bolts 9,000 bolts
Timed Cage Match Challenge
Kill 100 Enemies in 100 Seconds
100,000 bolts 30,000 bolts 9,000 bolts

Battle for the Gravity Boots

The Battle for the Gravity Boots consists of eight waves, and is mostly introductory, as waves simply show off the enemy types. A few hazards activate in the later waves, though they are not a major threat. The first wave has only a single Jobian saur-beast, best defeated with the Minirocket Tube. The next wave features a group of nidbots, which can be easily dispatched with the Lava Gun, Miniturret Glove, or Synthenoids. Elite Megacorp gladiators and chainsaw MSRs appear for the third wave, best destroyed with the Lava Gun or Minirocket Tube. The fourth wave features flamethrower MSRs, which are again best dispatched with the Lava Gun or Minirocket Tube, though it is important to dodge their ranged attacks.

For the fifth wave, the Blade Balls v2.0 appear; the Lava Gun or Miniturret Glove are best against them. The sixth wave is a mix of saur-beasts and chainsaw MSRs, meaning that the Minirocket Tube is best. The seventh wave is a combination of nidbots, gladiators, and flamethrower MSRs, while the eighth is a large mix of both MSR types, Blade Balls, and saur-beasts. For these waves, the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove are best used in combination with either the Lava Gun or Minirocket Tube.

Cage Match for the Infiltrator

The Cage Match for the Infiltrator consists of six waves, all of which take place in the cage match environment. This is a round cage that can be circled completely, and enemies will warp in near your position. Against most enemies here, the Lava Gun and Minirocket Tube are most useful, along with the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove. The first wave consists of gladiators that warp in, while the second consists of chainsaw MSRs, and the third consists of Blade Balls. For the fourth wave, magma appears from the bottom that flies up as a hazard; dodge the magma by simply running around it, though consider also luring enemies into it. The fourth wave consists of gladiators and chainsaw MSRs, the fifth wave consists of nidbots, and the sixth consists mostly of Blade Balls, with flamethrower MSRs, and gladiators. After the challenge is complete, Ratchet will drop down and claim the reward.

Arachnoid Battle

The Arachnoid Battle is a single cage match boss battle against Arachnoid. The Arachnoid starts in the cage itself, and most of its attacks are ranged. Its attacks primarily consist of sending ranged electric bolts that travel across the cage to reach Ratchet, which it does both in response to a hard-hitting attack and frequently throughout the battle. This electric attack is best dodged by strafe-jumping. It will also create several nidbots that attack Ratchet. When Ratchet approaches the Arachnoid in close range, it will jump to the opposite side of the cage.

Due to the Arachnoid jumping to evade Ratchet, and because its ranged attacks are easier to avoid when predicted from a distance, it is best to fight the Arachnoid with long range weapons. Therefore, best weapon by far against the Arachnoid is the Minirocket Tube, as it is a long range weapon that deals significant single target damage. If the Minirocket Tube has not been purchased, the Seeker Gun is a viable alternative. Against the nidbots, it is best to use the Synthenoids or Miniturret Glove to defend against them and avoid them becoming a distraction, but it is equally viable to switch to the Lava Gun.

Damage Avoidance Challenge - Don't Take A Hit!

This challenge consists of five waves against various enemies, and is beat by defeating all enemies in each round without taking any damage. This includes damage from the outer lava or the hazards, meaning that these must be dodged too. The best way to deal with this challenge is by using the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove to defend Ratchet against smaller targets while using long range weapons to destroy larger targets from a distance. It is also important to constantly stay on the move and avoid enemies rather than taking a risk.

The first wave is made up only of Blade Balls and chainsaw MSRs, meaning all enemies are melee only and the Miniturret Glove and Synthenoids suffice. The second wave is made of gladiators, which are more medium melee enemies, and can be defeated with the Minirocket Tube before they even approach Ratchet. The third once again features Blade Balls and chainsaw MSRs, so the same strategy applies. The fourth wave features flamethrower MSRs with the Blade Balls, meaning it is particularly important to use ranged weapons against the MSRs while dodging their flame attacks in addition to using the Miniturret Glove and Synthenoids to defend against the Blade Balls. The fifth wave features saur-beasts, meaning the Minirocket Tube or Seeker Gun are essential to stopping their charge. Another option to stop their charge is to lure them into the flame hazards.

Hazard Cage Match - Look Out Below!

This challenge takes place entirely in the cage match, and consists of nine waves of enemies, with a rapid amount of magma rocks launched from below. As the rocks can also damage the enemies, it is possible to use them as cover. This challenge is only marginally more challenging than the first cage match challenge, and the same strategies against each enemy type apply. The first wave consists of gladiators, the second wave consists of Blade Balls, the third wave consists of nidbots, the fourth consists of chainsaw MSRs, the fifth consists of flamethrower MSRs, the sixth consists of nidbots, the seventh consists of Blade Balls, the eighth consists of both chainsaw and flamethrower MSRs, and the ninth consists of nidbots.

Time Challenge - Kill 90 Enemies in 90 Seconds

This challenge is a time based challenge in which enemies of all types appear. The Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove should absolutely be used to compliment any damage dealt by Ratchet's main weapons, and it is important to kill enemies in clusters. It is best to focus on larger enemies with the Minirocket Tube, and aim to fire it at clusters of enemies to kill them faster, while the Miniturret Glove and Synthenoids focus on smaller targets. Keeping five miniturrets and the Synthnoids active at all times when ammo allows for it, is ideal.

Megapede Battle

This challenge is a boss battle against Megapede in a normal setting. For this mission, the Minirocket Tube is nigh-essential, while the Synthenoids provide an effective bonus. Megapede will fly around the outskirts of the arena dropping bombs into the arena, which will home slowly towards Ratchet, turn red when close to him, and then explode. After sustaining damage, a piece of Megapede will fall into the main arena and fire a laser cannon at Ratchet until destroyed. When a piece has already fallen from Megapede, it cannot take more damage until the piece already on the arena is destroyed. This takes place until Megapede is reduced to just four pieces and its head and tail.

The best strategy is to fire the Minirocket Tube at Megapede, and then instantly destroy a piece as soon as it arrives in the arena. Due to the bombs that are dropped, it is important to constantly run from them while firing at Megapede. The Minirocket Tube is the only weapon needed for this, though its ammo will restore quickly from ammo crates located around the arena. The strategy can be repeated until Megapede is destroyed.

Limited Weapon Challenge - Use Only The Wrench

This challenge consists of six rounds in which Ratchet may only use the OmniWrench. Throwing the wrench (a comet strike) is the easiest strategy against all enemies, particularly to avoid taking damage, as is knocking enemies into the lava to kill them first. The first round consists of chainsaw MSRs, against which throwing the wrench is best. The second round consists of gladiators and nidbots; throwing the wrench helps most against the medium-ranged gladiators, while whacking the nidbots will suffice. The third round consists of flamethrower MSRs; it is best to approach them in medium range, at which point they will not fire their cannons, then either throw the wrench or jump over their flames and slam the wrench down (a hyper strike). The fourth round consists of a saur-beast and chainsaw MSRs; for the saur-beast, a basic wrench swing is enough to interrupt its charge, and all wrench attacks are faster than the saur-beasts, so jumping and slamming the wrench down will suffice from there. The fifth round consists of Blade Balls, against which simple swings will do, and the sixth round consists of four saur-beasts and nidbots; the same strategies apply, though it is important to dodge the hazards.

If this challenge is proving difficult, it can either be returned to after acquiring better armor, or after obtaining the OmniWrench 12000 upon completing the return to Aranos.

Timed Limited Weapon Challenge - Lancer all enemies in 60 seconds

This challenge is time based and requires the Lancer against all arena enemy types. Although it is effectively impossible without upgrading to the Heavy Lancer. While all enemies are resilient to the Heavy Lancer, ammo is plentiful, and the range of the Heavy Lancer means that it is possible to defeat all enemies without them even hitting first. Though there is a time limit, not enough enemies appear that this challenge becomes too difficult.

Time Challenge - Kill Megapede in 3 Minutes

This challenge is identical to the previous battle against Megapede, with the exception of a three minute time limit. Luckily, three minutes should be more than enough time to defeat it, and using the Synthenoids to provide additional damage against the fallen Megapede pieces can help speed things up. If the time limit is still proving difficult, simply return after the Minirocket Tube is upgraded to the Megarocket Cannon.

The Impossible Challenge!

Trophy: That's Impossible!
Complete The Impossible Challenge! Silver

This challenge consists of sixty rounds against all enemy types and Megapede at the very end. In addition to the large 200,000 bolt reward (2,000,000 in challenge mode), beating this challenge also earns the skill point "That's Impossible!". It is important to purchase adequate armor (normally the Duraplate armor is enough) as well as many weapons for this challenge, such as the Plasma Coil, the Bouncer, and the Shield Charger. The Sheepinator is also effective, as it uses no ammo and is useful against all enemies aside from the boss and the saur-beasts.

The challenge is relatively straightforward, consisting of battles with waves of enemies of all types seen in the arena. Every five rounds, the battle switches between being a normal arena battle to five cage match rounds, and then switches back again. On the sixtieth round, Megapede is fought (along with nidbots and Blade Balls); the strategy is the same as usual (meaning Minirocket Tube ammo should be preserved on the rounds leading up to it). Primarily, the challenge is an endurance test. As long as the right weapons and armor are acquired, the challenge can be completed with perseverance. It should also be noted that due to its length, the challenge is a particularly good opportunity to upgrade any neglected weapons.

Damage Avoidance Challenge - Don't get hit by Megapede!

This challenge appears only during a challenge mode playthrough. Megapede only has two means of damaging you, its bombs, and the separate pieces that have a small turret. Both of these can be negated with the use of the Tesla Barrier, which will automatically destroy nearby bombs and at least provide some protection against the separate Megapede bodyparts. The Decoy Glove can also provide useful, but other than that the focus should be on whittling down Megapede as fast as possible, lest you run out of Tesla Barrier ammo.

Timed Cage Match Challenge - Kill 100 Enemies in 100 Seconds

This challenge appears only during a challenge mode playthrough. It is identical to other timed challenges, but instead features cage matches only. As new enemies only appear when the current wave has been defeated, rather than continuously, ensuring no strays remain is key to wiping them all out in time.

Behind the scenes

Maxim Garber programmed both the Galactic Gladiators arena fights and the Megacorp Games arena fights.[1]


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