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Megacorp Chickenbots[1] are enemies in Going Commando and Going Mobile. They are Megacorp robots used as security and death-machines, often by the Thugs-4-Less.[1] They are deployed by the Thugs-4-Less Brutes on Maktar Resort, and also fought on Notak and Aranos among others.

The base Chickenbot is a silver robot, but a more powerful red-tinted and armored Chickenbot v2.0 is later fought.


Going Commando

The Chickenbot was created as Megacorp's response to the overabundance of chickens left over from the use of the Gadgetron Morph-o-Ray, and the chickens were transformed into walking death-machines by Megacorp engineers.[1]

The Thugs-4-Less first used the v1.0 Chickenbots on the Maktar Resort and their jamming array. They were fought during the missions "Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array", "Destroy the signal transponders", and "Win the Arena Battle". The same Chickenbots were later used by the Thugs in Canal City, Notak, fought during the missions "Search Canal City for thief", "Investigate wharf area", and "Explore the Promenade".

Chickenbots v2.0 had an enhanced tetrafiber exterior and sharpened duraplate fangs.[1] These were first seen in "Explore the testing facility", to defend the testing facility on planet Dobbo. They were next seen in "Investigate the facility interior", again deployed by Megacorp to defend the main weapons facility in the Megacorp Armory on planet Todano. The Thugs-4-Less later deployed them in Silver City, planet Boldan, when trying to attack Ratchet and Clank during "Find Mr. Fizzwidget".

Chickenbots v1.0 defended the flying lab's airducts on Aranos while the lab was controlled by the Thugs during "Free Ratchet from prison cell", suggesting they were still used by the Thugs-4-Less.

Going Mobile

Going Mobile is non-canon.
As Going Mobile was never installed as part of the main series, its events are considered non-canon. Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Megacorp Chickenbots are a common recurring enemy in Going Mobile, as well as being the weakest. They fall easily to both melee hits and ranged fire, but are dangerous in large numbers, as they are spawned so by Maxmillian's weapon at the end.


A Megacorp Chickenbot Generator

Chickenbots v1.0 are small, silver robots with a single eye and large teeth. Their bodies are shaped similar to a chicken, though they have a large head, and spikes on their back and the top of their head. When running around, they will make clucking noises. Chickenbots v2.0 are of a similar size, but are red robots, and wear a bulkier head of tetrafiber armor with sharper duraplate fangs.[1] After dealing damage to the upgraded version, the head armor will fall off, revealing their head below is identical to the v1.0 Chickenbot (but retaining the red coloration).

Chickenbots are either found patrolling by running around in a group, always confined to a specific small area. When a target is nearby, they will run towards them to attack by biting. Chickenbots always operate in small to large groups. On the Maktar Resort they were also deployed from the Brute's weaponry, and on Notak they were repeatedly spawned by Megacorp Chickenbot Generator.


Chickenbots will run towards a target and bite them quickly. Their durability is very low, and their attacks are melee only, meaning they serve little threat. For v1.0 Chickenbots, the Lancer and Chopper are very effective against them, and the latter can kill multiple Chickenbots at once, and also damage any other enemies nearby. Chickenbots only present a threat if a large swarm has already reached Ratchet, in which case, the Gravity Bomb can clear them out.

Chickenbots v2.0 are identical in behavior, but have greater durability and deal more damage. When attacking them with the OmniWrench, they will immediately counter-attack, meaning it should not be used. Against them, the Lava Gun is ideal, though the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove can also be used to handle them to some effect while the player focuses on larger targets. Later on the Sheepinator will be effective against them, without any ammo cost as well.

Behind the scenes

The Chickenbots were originally not intended to be used on Notak. Instead, Notak would have used small, six-legged alien enemies alongside the Thugs. However, Tony Garcia, who programmed Notak as his first level, could not get them to behave properly, due to his struggles with programming swarmers. This led to the Chickenbots being reused.[2]