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Megacorp is a colossal corporation featured in Going Commando, with minor appearances in subsequent games. They are a leading manufacturer of all products in the Bogon Galaxy, including weapons, gadgets, robotics, appliances, and commercial entertainment, ran by CEO Abercrombie Fizzwidget. Megacorp vendors, as well as larger Megacorp stores, appear on all planets in the Bogon Galaxy, supplying weapons and ammo. Megacorp appears to have a complete monopoly on all products in the Bogon Galaxy, and is also in possession of a large militaristic robotic security force.

Megacorp initially hired Ratchet and Clank, as a commando and head accountant respectively. Ratchet was tasked with tracking down the Protopet, a biological experiment stolen by Angela Cross, a former employee. After he and Clank retrieved it, they learned that Megacorp had sinister intentions to mass-produce and market the Protopet in spite of its violent tendencies. Ratchet and Clank teamed up with Angela Cross to stop the Protopet crisis before they learned that the CEO Fizzwidget had in fact been impersonated by Qwark, who had manufactured the crisis to stage a comeback. They then defeated Qwark and tamed the Protopet.


Early history

Megacorp originally began as a weapons business. One of their products, the Triple-B, or "Big Badass Bomb", was instrumental in beating out Megacorp's competitors, allowing Megacorp to become the one and only choice in the Bogon Galaxy.[1] One of these competitors was Gadgetron Corporation, who were driven out of the Bogon Galaxy, leaving their base on Barlow abandoned for years.[2]

Megacorp during their expansion had little regard for the wildlife of planets. On Tabora, Megacorp deforested the entire planet into an "easily navigable desert" in order to mine the planet.[3]

Megacorp also hosts entertainment shows broadcast around the galaxy, including the Galactic Gladiators hosted in the Maktar Resort, and the Megacorp Games hosted on Joba.

Ratchet & Clank reimagined

The 2016 re-imagined game and movie are in-universe fictional accounts of the original Ratchet & Clank.
The re-imagined game describes Captain Qwark's account of events, while the re-imagined film is an in-universe holofilm. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and the holofilm is fiction, any events that contradict the original are non-canon (though those which correspond still apply). Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

In Qwark's version of the events of the original game, Megacorp had a minor presence in the Solana Galaxy. The Megacorp logo featured in billboards on planets Kerwan and Rilgar, and Starlene even mentioned that Megacorp had sponsored the hoverboard race. In the original version of events, Megacorp had no presence in Solana.

Prior to Going Commando

Qwark, viewing it as the perfect opportunity to stage a comeback after his reputation had been in tatters for working with Chairman Drek, sought out a new fanbase in a new galaxy, to rescue them for a disaster he would create. After financing his plan by selling 1,000,000 Personal Hygenators,[4] he then kidnapped Mr. Fizzwidget and locked him in a supply closet.[5]

Megacorp began working on a new pet, internally named "Experiment #13" and later known as the Protopet, worked on by Dr. James T. Fullbladder, who recommended it be immediately destroyed in the Deep Space Disposal Facility after its violent tendencies led it to eat its handlers.[6] Another scientist, Angela Cross, worked in the genetics division at Megacorp, on fixing the Protopet's flaws. Though she had been extremely close to solving the problem, Qwark, disguised as Fizzwidget, pushed up its release date.[7] This meant her invention, the Helix-o-morph, had not been used.

Angela Cross then left Megacorp and donned a disguise, becoming known as the "Unknown Thief", and stole the Protopet, taking it back to her flying lab on Aranos.

Going Commando

After seeing Ratchet and Clank in an interview on an episode of Behind the Hero, Qwark teleported Ratchet and Clank to his ship, and hired Ratchet as a commando to track down the Unknown Thief, while Clank was hired as Megacorp's head accountant and given an apartment in Megapolis, Endako.[8] On his mission, Ratchet would purchase and make use of Megacorp weapons and gadgets, and was supplied a starship, the Star Explorer.

While Ratchet was unsuccessful in his first attempt to retrieve the Protopet, Qwark kept in contact with him, and he and Clank eventually tracked the Thief to the frozen base on Siberius, and retrieved the Protopet. Qwark asked them to return the Protopet to him in the mining area of Tabora, though he crushed their ship and left them abandoned on the planet. Ratchet and Clank believed that this was merely Fizzwidget acting senile. After they met up with the Thief, who revealed herself to be a female lombax named Angela Cross, they found Dr. James T. Fullbladder's report in the testing facility, Dobbo, in which he recommended the Protopet be destroyed. They then unsuccessfully tried to contact Mr. Fizzwidget to warn him.

Megacorp hired the Thugs-4-Less, despite them at the time being hired by Angela Cross. Though they were apprehensive at first to betray their current client, they were quickly persuaded by Megacorp's large offer of bolts.[9] Megacorp continued mass-producing the Protopet, cloned from the original in their Protopet Factory on Yeedil,[10] and advertised free samples being given away in the Silver City, Boldan, in their first filmed commercial titled "Why Is Billy Sad?".[11] The Protopets were shipped around the galaxy from the distribution facility on Smolg in large quantities, which they referred to as "paperweight" shipments. The Thug Leader grew suspicious of this and planned to demand larger involvement in the crisis before Ratchet and Clank defeated him.[7]

Eventually, Ratchet, Clank, and Angela infiltrated the Protopet Factory on Yeedil. There, Qwark revealed that he had been disguised as Fizzwidget all along, and planned to broadcast live him using Angela's Helix-o-morph to cure the Protopets. However, he instead mutated it into the Mutant Protopet, as the battery had been put in backward.[5] Ratchet and Clank defeated it, while Angela retrieved the real Mr. Fizzwidget, and subsequently cured the other Protopets by amplifying the Helix-o-morph's signal with Megacorp's TV transponders.[5] Qwark was then employed by Megacorp as a tester for the Crotchitizer.

After Going Commando

During Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet made use of five Megacorp weapons: the Bouncer, the Lava Gun, the Miniturret Glove, the Plasma Coil, and the Shield Charger. These were supplied by Slim Cognito, though Mr. Fizzwidget had cut a deal with him to make the weapons free.[12]



Megacorp appears to have a monopoly over most industries in the Bogon Galaxy, and has referred to itself as the "one and only choice".[1] It is a manufacturer and exporter of a large variety of weapons, gadgets, robotics, appliances, and more. The shopping malls, as seen in the Megacorp Outlet, Oozla, in the promenade area of Canal City, Notak, as well as throughout Allgon City, Damosel, all sell Megacorp products, which include clothing lines and breakfast cereal. Megacorp also has a hand in gambling, as seen with slot machines in the Maktar Resort.

Megacorp is an unethical business, as demonstrated by its deforestation of the entirety of Tabora from a forest planet into a barren desert.[3] It also used squirrels to test its rockets, until it ceased this practice after pressure from Squirrel Rights activist groups, at which point it instead simply released mutant test-squirrels into the wild.[13] Additionally, Megacorp stole the Trespasser technology from its competitor, Gadgetron, to use in the Infiltrator.[14] However, Megacorp also has a division named Megacorp Against Senseless Brutality, which sends out warnings to those who attack civilians.[1]

Much like Gadgetron, Megacorp offers a HelpDesk service which provides information to commandos. The Megacorp HelpDesk girl has an identical voice to the Gadgetron HelpDesk Girl, suggesting they are similar robot models.


Megacorp broadcasts the Galactic Gladiators and Megacorp Games events, both of which are gladiatorial combat events taking place in the Maktar Resort and on planet Joba respectively. The gladiators that participate are biologically engineered by Megacorp,[13] as well as Megacorp robots normally used for security. Megacorp's own elite gladiators are represented by their own Megacorp Elite Gladiator Association.[13]

Team Megacorp Racing also presents hoverbike racing that takes place on Joba adjacent to the Megacorp Games.[15]Additionally, the Desert Riders, a well-known hoverbike gang, all use Megacorp hoverbikes.[16]


Megacorp hired commandos, which trained in martial arts, heavy weaponry, survival skills, stealth, macramé, ballroom dance, and origami.[8] These were given standard-issue Commando-Matic body armor including a Megacorp Helmets, weapons in the form of the Lancer[17] and Gravity Bomb, and special starfighters, of which Ratchet's Star Explorer was one.

Aside from this, Megacorp's forces appear to be primarily robotic security forces. The MSRs, namely the Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model and Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Model are common around the Bogon Galaxy, as are PX6 BladeBalls and Megacorp Chickenbots. When defending their own important facilities, however, they use the militaristic Megacorp Troopers and Megacorp Hover Tanks.

During the Protopet crisis, Megacorp still hired the Thugs-4-Less to track down Ratchet and Clank, suggesting that their own military was entirely for security purposes.



Name Description Appearances
Blitz Gun Shotgun with a wide radius of fire. Upgrades to Blitz Cannon. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal (multiplayer)
Chopper Arm-mounted launcher that fires spiked disks which are hurled at enemies and bounce off walls. Upgrades to Multi-Star. Going Commando
Clank Zapper Grants Clank his own attack in the form of a laser that fires from his antenna. Upgrades to Clank Shocker. Going Commando
Gravity Bomb Grenade launcher which fires bombs with a large blast radius. Upgrades to Mini-Nuke. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal (multiplayer)
Hoverbomb Gun Launcher that fires hovering projectile which can be guided by the user, and exploded in the air. Upgrades to Tetrabomb Gun. Going Commando
Lancer Pistol firing high-velocity shots at medium range, standard issued to commandos.[17] Upgrades to Heavy Lancer. Going Commando, Deadlocked
Lava Gun Fires a stream of molten lava which ignites on enemies. Upgrades to Meteor Gun or Liquid Nitrogen Gun. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal
Minirocket Tube Rocket launcher that fires small, auto-targeting projectiles that deal heavy damage on impact. Upgrades to Megarocket Cannon. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal (multiplayer)
Miniturret Glove Glove that throws down small capsules that unfold into machine gun turrets that target enemies and fire lasers. Upgrades to the Megaturret Glove. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal
Plasma Coil Launcher that fires balls of plasma with auto-tracking, that stretch out arcs of electricity to nearby enemies after hitting the first. Upgrades to the Plasma Storm. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal
Pulse Rifle Sniper rifle that can zoom in on enemies and deal damage from a long distance. Upgrades to the Vaporizer. Going Commando
Seeker Gun Arm-mounted weapon that fires floating "seekers", bombs that move slowly until encountering an enemy, at which point they will lock on and fly towards the enemy and explode. Upgrades to the HK22 Gun. Going Commando
Sheepinator Pistol that morphs enemies into sheep. Upgrades to the Black Sheepinator. Going Commando, Ratchet & Clank (2016)
Shield Charger Generates a defensive shield that protects from damage and damages enemies that come in contact with it. Upgrades to the Tesla Barrier. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal
Spiderbot Glove Glove that tosses down a spiderbot, which is remotely controlled, and can be exploded at any time. Upgrades to Tankbot Glove. Going Commando
Synthenoids Releases four synthenoids, hovering robots that flank the user and provide cover fire, blasting enemies until they run out of ammo. Upgrades to the Kilonoids. Going Commando
Zodiac Arm-mounted weapon that launches energy which turns all enemies nearby to ash. Going Commando


All gadgets appear only in Going Commando, with the exception of the Charge and Gravity Boots, which recur in later games.

Name Description
Charge Boots Boots that create a short boost that can propel the user forward.
Dynamo Arm-mounted gadget that powers up electronic devices for a short period of time.
Electrolyzer Attaches to Electrolyzer Portals and repairs broken machinery.
Gravity Boots Boots that attach to a grav-ramp and allow the user to walk on walls.
Infiltrator Unlocking mechanism that can open doors after completing an energy circuit.
Momentum Glider Wings that glide in the sky after gliding from a red Glider pad.
Tractor Beam Drags objects with Tractor Beam targets around and manipulates them.


All armor sets appear only in Going Commando.

Name Description
Commando-Matic body armor Standard issue commando armor which provides a 0% damage reduction.
Tetrafiber armor Uses titanium technology, provides a 33% damage reduction.
Duraplate armor Uses double-thick plating, provides a 50% damage reduction.
Electrosteel armor Uses invisible electromagnetic pulse, provides a 66% damage reduction.
Carbonox armor Uses metal allows and nanotechnology, made for elite commandos, provides a 90% damage reduction.


All robots appear only in Going Commando, except for the PX6 BladeBalls. Enemies are listed on the Monsterpedia.

Name Locations Description
Hover turret Deep Space Disposal Facility Automated defense turrets that guard the facility against intruders.
Megacorp Chickenbot Maktar Resort, Notak, Aranos (return) Transformed from chickens into walking death-machines, used for security and by the Thugs-4-Less, fight by biting enemies.
Megacorp Chickenbot v2.0 Dobbo, Todano, Boldan Budget security robot which comes with enhanced tetrafiber exterior and sharpened duraplate fangs over the base model.
Megacorp Laser Bot Endako Medium-sized robots designed to clean "hard to clean" stains, use a spinning laser that can be harmful if approached.
Megacorp Rivet Bot Endako Medium-sized robots designed to aid in construction, modified to serve as security robots, fight using dual pistols.
Megacorp Robot Guard Todano, Smolg Large, heavily armored robots, fire from a huge plasma cannon on their right arm.
Megacorp Hover Tank Dobbo, Yeedil Hovering tank which fires rapid-fire lasers from its turret.
Megacorp Hover Tank v2.0 Dobbo, Yeedil Armored tank modified by the Thugs-4-Less.
Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model Aranos, Maktar Resort Quadrupedal security robot with spider-like legs which uses an arm-mounted chainsaw in melee range to attack intruders. Also featured in Galactic Gladiators.
Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v2.0 Siberius Upgraded model with armor plated with an alloy combining carbonox and raritanium.
Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v3.0 Joba Upgraded, reprogrammed model with more resistance to damage and a duraplated sharpened chainsaw. Featured in the Megacorp Games.
Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Model Aranos, Maktar Resort Quadrupedal security robot with spider-like legs which uses an arm-mounted flamethrower in mid-range to attack intruders. Also featured in Galactic Gladiators.
Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v2.0 Siberius Upgraded model with stronger armor plating and long ranged flame attack.
Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v3.0 Joba Upgraded model with stronger armor plating and more powerful flame attack. Featured in the Megacorp Games.
Megacorp Security Turret Dobbo Stationary turret producing slow-moving plasma used to protect small hallways.
Megacorp Sentinel Dobbo Hovering robot which uses a searchlight to find intruders and then fires rapid-fire lasers.
Megacorp Sweeper Bot Endako Small robots using a sweeper for motion, which attack by spinning their sweeper rapidly in melee range.
Megacorp Trooper Dobbo, Todano Medium-sized humanoid robots that serve as the vanguard of Megacorp's paramilitary forces, attack using long-range dual plasma shots and trained in group combat.
Megacorp Trooper v2.0 Endako Upgraded model with more resistance to damage and more firepower.
Nidbot Joba Small spider-like robots which attack by biting in melee range, used during Megacorp Games gladiator events, particularly with the Arachnoid.
PX6 BladeBall Aranos, Maktar Resort, Siberius Small floating robots with four spinning blades that attack in melee range.
Blade Ball v2.0 Dobbo, Joba Upgraded with more resistance to damage, also featured in the Megacorp Games.
Receiver Bot v1.0 Damosel, Grelbin, Yeedil Small robot patrolling area, attacks by spinning arms.
Receiver Bot v3.0 Damosel, Grelbin, Yeedil More heavily armored Receiver Bot, can sometimes be controlled and used to control others, can shoot with blasters mounted on its arms.
Repair drone Deep Space Disposal Facility Robot that repairs large security turrets.


Name Locations Description
Crotchitizer Yeedil, Zeldrin The Crotchitizer is a self-pleasuring device that was in the testing stages of development by Megacorp shortly after the Protopet crisis. Qwark was used as the test subject, and it appeared to cause great pain. At a later date, Clank found a still-warm pocket Crotchetizer at Captain Qwark's escape pod on Zeldrin. It was a portable version of the device, known as the B20 Crotchitizer, and appeared to have any defects removed, as Qwark was looking for new batteries.
Megacorp gladiator Maktar Resort Biologically engineered reptilians which fight in the Galactic Gladiators on Maktar Resort, fight using a mace and shield.
Elite Megacorp gladiator Joba Represented by the Megacorp Elite Gladiator Association, equipped with heavier armor, fight in the Megacorp Games on Joba.
Protopet Damosel, Grelbin, Yeedil Small creature that attacks in melee range, and rapidly breeds other Protopets when even one is left standing.
Star Explorer A customizable starfighter given to Megacorp commandos and used by Ratchet. Megacorp also gave an endorsement deal for a similar starfighter.[18]

Behind the scenes

Though the Megacorp HelpDesk has an identical voice to the Gadgetron HelpDesk Girl from the original Ratchet & Clank, the HelpDesk girl's voice went through many iterations for a new voice, including having a British accent, for Going Commando.[19]


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