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MegaCorp, your one and only choice.

Abercrombie Fizzwidget, GC

Megacorp, occasionally spelled MegaCorp, was the Bogon galaxy's leading manufacturer of household products, providing everything from heavy weaponry to appliances.


MegaCorp's main Headquarters is on planet Yeedil, and the capital planet of its government system is Endako, with the planet's capital being Megapolis.

Founded by CEO, Abercrombie Fizzwidget, MegaCorp is also the host for Galactic Gladiators and the Megacorp Games.

MegaCorp also produces many types of robots for a wide range of purposes such as cleaning, repair or for combat. A few notable ones would be MSR series, the PX6 BladeBalls, MegaCorp Sentinels and MegaCorp Trooper. They also invented the Hoverbikes that the Desert Riders used. They had facilities on most if not all planets in the Bogon Galaxy, and had a lot more influence than their Solanian equal, Gadgetron. Wherever there was not a factory, there were endless advertisements for MegaCorp. As considered by Qwark- disguised as Mr. Fizzwidget, MegaCorp kept people warm, healthy and safe when the new Weapons Facility was built on planet Todano.


Abercrombie Fizz

Abercrombie Fizzwidget, the CEO of MegaCorp

Originally, the Bogon Galaxy had several major industries similar to MegaCorp active, most notably Gadgetron, who was top weapon and gadget supplier in the Bogon Galaxy. This all changed with the rise of MegaCorp, founded under Abercrombie Fizzwidget, came to dominate and outcompete its competitors such as Gadgetron in regards to business success. It is also implied, albeit indirectly, that MegaCorp also used non-business practices, i.e. violence to remove its competitors. This is based on comments made by an Abercrombie Fizzwidget Bot on planet Todano, which stated that the creation of the Triple-B, or Big Badass Bob, a tactical warhead, was "…instrumental in beating our competitors, and making MegaCorp the one and only choice."[1] This implies that MegaCorp might have used Triple-B against their competitors. While it does hint towards violence on MegaCorp's part, and given MegaCorp's questionable practices a possible scenario; however, it is entirely possible that the comment was merely stating the Triple-B drove its competitors out of business due to it being superior to whatever else was on the market. To date, the only Gadgetron presence in the Bogon Galaxy is located in the Vukovar Canyon on planet Barlow, although most of Gadgetron's facility has fallen into decay since most of the facility was abandoned and subsequently raided by raving bands of Vukovar Tribesmens.

In the year 5355, MegaCorp became involved in a galactic conspiracy after one of its employees, Angela Cross, masquerading as "The Thief," stole an experiment that later became known as the Protopet. It was to be the perfect child's pet. Mr. Fizzwidget hired Ratchet and Clank from Solana to recover the experiment, which they successfully did. Unfortunately, the duo was later informed by Angela [the so-called bad guy] that MegaCorp intended on distributing the Protopet before its flaws were corrected, as the cuddly creature, was actually a bloodthirsty man-eater. Angela teamed up with the duo to stop MegaCorp, who hired Thugs-4-Less to impede their progress. It was later revealed that the disgraced superhero, Captain Qwark, assumed the identity of Fizzwidget while he kept the real Mr. Fizzwidget tied up in a supply closet. He had hoped to reclaim his fame by unleashing the vicious Protopets across the galaxy in order to cure them with Angela Cross's Helix-O-Morph so that he could become a hero again, and get his revenge on Ratchet and Clank by saying they were the ones behind the Protopet mania and making them (and Angela) public enemies 1, 2 and 3.

Ratchet and his friends ended the conspiracy when they defeated the original Protopet, which Qwark had accidentally mutated with Angela's Helix-O-Morph (The battery was in backwards). The creature was rendered docile, as were all other Protopets. Fizzwidget was released and resumed his leadership over MegaCorp. The company had continued to support Ratchet by supplying him gadgets, weapons and customer discounts.


MegaCorp is known to have commandos serving and protecting MegaCorp's assets. The MegaCorp Commandos would utilize special starfighters (Ratchet's Star Explorer was one of these starfighters).

MegaCorp's armed forces included Megacorp Troopers as the primary infantry, Megacorp Rivet Bots as city patrolmen, and Megacorp Robot Guards as heavy soldiers. They would also utilize Megacorp Chickenbots as swarming troops. Their vehicles included armed Megacorp Sentinels and Megacorp Hover Tanks. MegaCorp also possessed at least one massive Warship.

During the Protopet scandal, under the control of Qwark, MegaCorp hired the entire of Thugs-4-Less's forces stationed in Bogon to deal with any problems to his plans.



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