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Mega bots[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal. They are immense, humanoid robots with thick armor, working for Dr. Nefarious. They have a dark red color, orange visors in place of a face, similar to the soldier bots, missile launchers on their backs, and wrist-mounted rapid-fire lasers. They are encountered in the Starship Phoenix during "Get to the bridge", on Koros during "Get inside command center" and "Access big gun control panel", and on Mylon during "Defeat Dr. Nefarious". During the last mission they uniquely leave behind part of one of their forearms that can be used as armor, these are also strongest normal enemies encountered in the game.

Mega bots are very durable enemies that can sustain considerable damage. Their main attacks are rapid-fire lasers that follow Ratchet, as well as missiles launched from their backpacks, with reticules on the ground for where the missiles will fire. The Bouncer, Plasma Coil, and Disc Blade Gun or Annihilator are the best weapons against it, and most of its attacks can be dodged with well-timed jumps. The Holoshield Glove can also defend against the wrist-mounted lasers.

Behind the scenes

Concept art of the Mega bot.

The mega bots were programmed by Carl Grande.[2]