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Megacorp Hover Tank
Hover Tank
Hovertank at TFFF

A MegaCorp Hover Tank on patrol

MegaCorp Hover Tanks had a rapid fire cannon mounted on a turret. The tank laid down an impressive rate of fire that frightened off the most hardened of intruders. While not as powerful as the 2.0 Hover Tanks, they had an incredibly long range, and their shots would explode upon reaching maximum range. As the game progressed, it became more difficult to destroy Hover Tanks because they had different varieties of armor plating. As it took damage, the armor deteriorates and falls off as a sign that it was close to being destroyed. Hover Tanks generally only guarded important facilities designated by MegaCorp, such as their Dobbo testing facility. Hover Tanks are also one of the few MegaCorp robots to appear outside Going Commando. Ratchet drove one in the Insomniac Museum in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal by going to the Tank Room. The left analog stick was used to steer. The right analog stick was used to rotate the dome and move the eyestalk. X was used to fire the flamethrower from the eyestalk when it was held in. Square was used for homing missiles using the left analog stick for differing range and O was used to fire rockets. Strangely, the one in the Insomniac Museum had no plasma blasts while the other ones did.

Hovertank artwork

MegaCorp Hover Tank concept art

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