The Megacorp Chickenbots were small, blue, chicken-like Megacorp-manufactured security robots. These cheap security robots were made as a response to the overabundance of chickens produced by the Gadgetron Morph-o-Ray. Megacorp's hard-working engineers transformed the chickens into walking death machines.

They did not prove much of a threat, but sometimes they could be found in great numbers, where caution was advised. A single swing from the wrench could take them out. At the Maktar Resort, some of the Thugs-4-Less Brutes shot them out their guns to aid them in battle.

In Going Mobile Chickenbots patrol the platforms they are on and when spotting Ratchet run towards him and try to bite him. The final boss of Going Mobile deploys more advanced Chickenbots that chase Ratchet and can jump and fall down to other platforms.


Chickenbot in Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile