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Meet with Courtney Gears is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in Annihilation Nation, Station Q9. While exploring the docks on Daxx, Ratchet and Clank found a high-security computer terminal used to edit one of Courtney Gears' music videos for a song named "Robots of the Galaxy", which was propaganda for Dr. Nefarious. Ratchet recalled that she gave prizes on Annihilation Nation, and the two decided to win another tournament so that they could meet her.


On Annihilation Nation, choose the challenge "Meet Courtney - Gauntlet". After completing this gauntlet challenge, you will be sent to the next challenge automatically.

Meet Courtney - Gauntlet

The gauntlet is similar to those previously fought in the Annihilation Nation, but introduces stronger versions of the enemies, which have a different, darker color scheme. These stronger enemies appear from here on out for all new challenges. The gauntlet opens up with flame traps in two rows across to the first room, which can be jumped over. Hitting the switch on the door creates a path on the right, with floating platforms heading upwards and then creating a path across by gliding. Destroy the blade bots as they attack, and then destroy the spinning laser bot and head right.

Here, you will encounter two spinning bash bots and a ninja bot that throws shurikens. Destroy them quickly (the Agents of Doom is a good choice here), and then head left, where you will encounter the first tank bot. This is a heavily armored enemy that fires a ranged missile at you; destroy it with heavily damaging weapons such as the Flux Rifle or Agents of Doom and move forward. Destroy the blade bots, and then activate the switch, which creates a path left where you fight more ninja bots. Destroy them with an area-of-effect weapon such as the Nitro Launcher and move forward. The next room creates a path right, where you will fight a group with one ninja bot and two laser bots, all of which are ranged enemies, and behind them are spinning bash bots, all melee. Use the preferred weapons to help you deal with these foes, and then finish the gauntlet.

Meet Courtney - Arena

This challenge is a battle against Scorpio. Scorpio is a wheeled robot, which will attack by placing saw blades in the floor that move towards you, or by approaching you and using a wide-reaching flamethrowers. All of these attacks have a fairly long-range, but telegraphed and can be avoided by timing jumps correctly. Scorpio is also very tough, and has a lot of health.

Scorpio can be defeated with a variety of weapons. In particular, he is susceptible to the Agents of Doom and Miniturret Glove, as he moves fairly slow and both weapons deal considerable damage. Aside from this, long-range weapons are best to avoid his attacks, to give you more time to dodge the saw blades or avoid the flamethrowers

Following the defeat of Scorpio, a cutscene will commence, and you will gain the mission "Meet Courtney Gears at Holostar Studios", and receive the Qwark vid-comic Shadow of the Robot. Before heading to Holostar Studios or flying to finish the vid-comic, consider beating more challenges at the Annihilation Nation for bolts.

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