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Meet up in the hangar bay is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the flying lab, Aranos. After Clank freed Ratchet from his prison cell by disabling the generator for decks 4-14, Ratchet and Clank had to reunite in the hangar bay and retrieve their ship, the Star Explorer, to leave the planet. Along the way, Ratchet found the OmniWrench 12000. At the end, the two found their ship compounded by a forcefield.


This mission requires you to play as Ratchet in two portions and Clank in one in between them, as the gameplay switches between the two. Neither paths in this mission can be revisited later.

Ratchet part 1

At the Megacorp vendor, two new weapons are available: the Shield Charger, and the Zodiac. The Zodiac is an extremely unaffordable weapon, similar to the RYNO II, and should not even be considered until a challenge mode playthrough. The Shield Charger, on the other hand, provides a defensive shield that lasts until the shield sustains enough damage, effectively protecting Ratchet while it is up. The enemies fought here are the familiar Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v3.0 and Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v3.0. As usual, these are durable enemies, and the Plasma Coil, Bouncer, or Minirocket Tube, should be used against the MSRs.

Begin the mission by fighting through MSRs to leave the cell areas and end up in an open area with lava below. Destroy the three flamethrower MSRs on the platform (a single hit can knock them off), then jump on it as it moves to the wall on the left. Walk along the wall with the Gravity Boots, shooting more MSRs and causing them to fall to the lava below, then reach the platform at the end, which will take you to another room. Head right and wall jump up to an elevated area, then destroy the MSRs and head up the left end of the wall and jump on the floating platform. This will create a series of floating platforms that you must jump and wall jump across to reach a ledge. Destroy more MSRs and follow the path to an elevator shaft at the end. When you step on the elevator, it will head up, skipping directly into Clank's portion.


Head through the ventilation shaft eventually into another room with lava. As before, glide and jump over the platforms to the end of the room, and free the Bridge Bot here. Head left and command the Bridge Bot to create a bridge across the lava, destroy the Megacorp Chickenbots on the other side, and command the bot to redact the bridge, then head up the elevator to the next room. Destroy the Chickenbots and head through to see an elevated platform on the left in the lava pool, and a door on the right. You cannot reach either, so use the bridge bot to make a bridge part of the way across the gap, then glide down to the platform on the left and free the Microbots and another Bridge Bot. Use this new Bridge Bot to create a bridge leading to a door.

Head across the new bridge and use the Microbots to kill the MSRs inside, and then free the third Microbot and the Hammer Bot. Command the Hammer Bot to destroy the three blocks in the room, then use the Bridge Bot to create a gap across on the right. Command the microbots to enter the door and head through the tunnel, completing Clank's part of the mission.

Ratchet part 2

As soon as you start the mission, you will obtain the OmniWrench 12000, a more powerful wrench. Head forward and use the wall jump from the wall on the left to jump onto a platform, and jump across the platforms; ensure to not double jump, as the sideways platforms require wall jumping to get higher up, which double jumping breaks. You will eventually reach the top of the pillar. Head out the door to a grav-ramp area, destroying the MSRs along the way, and eventually back inside to another room.

Once inside, kill the MSRs, and then use the floating platforms (again, make sure to wall jump when seeing the sideways platforms, meaning avoid double jumping unless necessary) to reach the top of the ledge at the end. Head through the door to reunite with Clank, completing the mission.

The next mandatory mission is "Turn off forcefield", allowing you to return to your ship. There is also an optional mission, "Explore the rest of the flying base".

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