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Doctor bots[1] are enemies in Size Matters, fought in the Surgical Facility, Medical Outpost Omega. They are surgery robots that extracted Ratchet's DNA to create Ratchet clones, and later defended the facility. Doctor bots have a humanoid upper body, with a surgical mask on their face, but with four robotic spider-like legs. Their right arm contains a laser, and their left contains a shield emitter. After they extracted Ratchet's DNA, Ratchet and Clank fought them during "Escape the medical facility".

Doctor bots are durable enemies who attack with a simple sweeping laser in front of them, which will fire from left to right before they pause briefly to then fire again. They are unable to aim the laser upwards, meaning it is easy to avoid by standing on-top of something. Sometimes, doctor bots will team up with mechanoids and gun turrets, by using a shield emitter to protect one of them. The Lacerator is sufficient for lone doctor bots, though its damage is fairly low compared to their armor. When available, the Agents of Doom and Bee Mine Glove are fairly effective against them when they are supporting another unit with the shield emitter, allowing you to focus on avoiding the incoming fire or target another opponent.


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