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I was now ready to battle the monstrosity

Qwark to B.A.R.N.E.Y., SAC

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The mechanical monster (also called the winged menace) was a fictional monstrosity that Qwark made up when writing his autobiography with B.A.R.N.E.Y. It was a direct rip off the The Terror of Talos from the Secret Agent Clank holo-vision series.

It was a giant robotic lizard that Qwark claimed to have fought. According to Qwark the giant robot lizard was 5$1 ft high. It also has a full arsenal of rockets, lasers and could fly (though it could only attack in air once it had 50% or less health left). It also used nearby energy generators to protect itself from harm and was completely invulnerable unless the power station that was in use was destroyed. By charging up its destructo energy with the power stations it could release it's Mega Death Beam, which Qwark needed to reflect using the pharmacological-whatsit-doohicky building. The only way to destroy the generators was to throw giant items at them, which in Qwark's case was giant exploding robot ninjas.

Weapons and attacks

Concept artwork of the Robot Lizard

  • The first attack that the giant robot lizard used on Qwark was a wall of six rockets that fell right on top of him, unless he dodged them.
  • Another attack that it used was an earthquake-type attack that was created by stomping and jumping against the ground.
  • It also would throw punches at him if he entered close range.
  • The last attack that the giant robot lizard used was a laser beam that was fired from the lizard's mouth.

Behind the scenes

While this creature was never given a real name, Qwark referred to it as the "mechanical monster" and the "winged menace."

The giant robot lizard is likely a reference to Mechagodzilla.

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