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Mecha-tyhrranoids[1] are enemies encountered in Up Your Arsenal. They are two-legged mechs operated by two-eyed tyhrranoids that fire twin lasers. The basic mecha-tyhrranoids are seen attacking Veldin, while the longer-ranged ultra mecha-tyhrranoids[2] are encountered in the Capital City on Marcadia, in the Korgon Base on Tyhrranosis, as well as during all Galactic Ranger operations on the battlefield.


Mecha-tyhrranoids were first fought by Ratchet and Clank in the Kyzil Plateau on Veldin during "Save Veldin!". A single ultra-mecha tyhrranoid fought a group of Rangers also in one of the larger buildings. After this, they fought more mecha-tyhrranoids in Veldin's F-Sector during "Eliminate the Enemy Forces".

Ultra-mecha tyhrranoids later attacked the Capital City, Marcadia. Ratchet fought them first during "Get to the palace", and then fought many of them on foot during Operation: IRON SHIELD, while defending the presidential palace.

The ultra mecha-tyhrranoids were later fought in Korgon Base on Tyhrranosis, defending the base during the missions "Take out the power generators" and "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets". After this, Ratchet then fought them on Kavu Island during Operation: ISLAND STRIKE, both on foot, and once using the hovership during "Operation Thunderbolt". They were then fought during in Blackwater City, Rilgar, during Operation: BLACK TIDE. Due to the range on their lasers, they were able to fire over the bridge, and also to pin the Rangers down behind cover and slow their assault, until Ratchet destroyed them.

After the Biobliterator attack, the ultra-mecha tyhrranoids were piloted by two-eyed robonoids. These mechs were fought in distant towers of Metropolis, Kerwan, during Operation: URBAN STORM, fought both on foot and using the hovership. Finally, they were fought in Outpost X12, Aridia, during Operation: DEATH VALLEY, on foot, with the hovership, and with the turboslider.


The mecha-tyhrranoid was a two-legged robot operated by a two-eyed tyhrranoid. They had two arms that could fire green beams at a medium range. Their beams always moved forward along the ground no matter where they aimed, and their attack range was quite short. The mecha-tyhrranoid had a green plate of armor and had a cockpit with a small window on the front. The ultra mecha-tyhrranoid was the upgraded variant, with a red-painted armor.

Ultra mecha-tyhrranoids were most often seen deployed from tyhrranoid dropships, holding strategic location, or facing the Galactic Rangers on the front lines. Unlike the normal variant, the ultra version is capable of targeting and hitting targets at a very long range, whether they are on the ground or in the air.


The mecha-tyhhrranoid is in its earliest green-armored instance a weak enemy that is easily taken down with the Shock Blaster, simply keep wary of their beams that travel along the ground.

The upgraded ultra-mecha tyhrranoid is a much more dangerous version, as its beams can reach noticeably longer distances, including flying enemies such as hoverships. This variant also has more armor, requiring stronger weaponry to take down. They have one fatal flaw, as their beams cannot pierce the shield of the Refractor, allowing any user of said gadget to simply direct their own beam back at them or other targets. Aside from this, their beams should be dodged with side-flip jumps, and a variety of (ideally long-ranged) weapons are useful against them.


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