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Maxmillian, also known as Maximillian,[1] is a minor character in Up Your Arsenal and the main antagonist of Going Mobile. He is the main villain of Secret Agent Clank, a holovision series starring Clank as the lead. Maxmillian is characterized as a rich gambler, and Secret Agent Clank's nemesis.


Up Your Arsenal

Maxmillian appeared in the episode of Secret Agent Clank seen in the intro movie. In this episode, taking place in the Maktar Resort, Secret Agent Clank beat Maxmillian in a gambling game, before Maxmillian identified him and then summoned ninja bots to fight him. Clank fought off the ninja bots and electrocuted him by tossing a plate and causing the chandelier to fall on his head.

Maxmillian was the villain of another episode, filmed during "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode", which Clank had agreed to film with Courtney Gears to learn more information from her. In the episode, "Maxmillian Strikes Back", Clank defeated Maxmillian's mini-ninja henchmen and chased Maxmillian out of a bar and through rush-hour traffic. After this, Clank transformed into Giant Clank to defeat the Terror of Talos and some giant ninjas, and rescue the baroness, played by Gears.[2]

Maxmillian in an Attack-Copter.

Maxmillian then appeared in the Secret Agent Clank movie, premiering following the defeat of Dr. Nefarious. In it, Maxmillian's ninjas chased Clank through snow on an ice planet, before Maxmillian appeared in an Attack-Copter. Clank used the BGAMD to fire a banana at Maxmillian, leading Skrunch to chase the banana and attack Maxmillian's Attack-Copter, causing it to crash.

Going Mobile

Going Mobile is non-canon.
As Going Mobile was never installed as part of the main series, its events are considered non-canon. Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Bribing the bouncer.

After collecting all pieces of the MCGuFIN and returning to speak with Al, Ratchet and Clank were told that to activate it they had to access a special infolink in a secure area. The codes to which were kept in a safe at another location, specifically Maximillian's office at the Maktar Casino. A robot bouncer blocked their way however, but Al confided in them that they could be bribed, and that the only way to get enough cash was to enter the Battle Arena's pay-off vault.[3]

Entering Maximillian's office.

After collecting the Payola from the vault, and bribing the bouncer, they managed to reach the office, which turned out to be empty. Clank saw that the security systems indicated Maximillian had already left, with an infolink leading back to their final destination. Clank also found codes that were left behind, which functioned as a static barrier passage, allowing them to pass through static fields.[4]

Meeting Maximillian.

In the second visit to the Security BIOS they found a second lead to another high security OS area, beyond which lies the exit to the real world. Ratchet and Clank worried that if Maximillian were to succeed, there would be yet another criminal mastermind in the real world.[5] They finally found Maximillian in Goldsprocket, who proclaimed he would turn 'Agent Clank' into scrap metal, after which he would use the MCGuFIN and enter the real world. He was ultimately unsuccessful however, for Clank and Ratchet defeated him and his machine.[6]


Maxmillian made a small cameo in one scene, where Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro showed a picture of Ratchet at his Maktar casino, it was in fact just a picture of Maxmillian with Ratchet's face painted over his.


Maxmillian is a large, humanoid robot. His head is vaguely similar to Clank's, though with a more squared shape, a jagged jaw around the mouth, and eyebrows. Maxmillian wears a brown suit, red shirt, and black tie, and carries a cigar with him as well as a gun.

Maxmillian is portrayed as a stereotypical mafia boss in his attire and dialogue. During his encounters with Clank, he has a tendency to monologue and gloat prior to actually attacking Clank, leaving him vulnerable in most scenes. Maxmillian's henchmen consist of robot ninjas of different sizes, and he has made use of an Attack-Copter as well as a pistol.


In Going Mobile the final boss is a large armored cannon that is operated by Maximilian. It shoots green orbs, dealing heavy damage, that burst into Megacorp Chickenbots upon hitting a wall. The boss is immobile and located in the center of a large chamber, with a pair of automated turrets mounted on the walls near the ceiling. Several platforms surround it, allowing you to dodge both its fire and the Chickenbots. Lay down fire on the boss, which will eventually lose all four of its armor panels, and then eventually explode after taking more damage when fully exposed.