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Max Apogee, Talwyn's father, was a famous Markazian explorer and collector of rare interstellar antiquities. He disappeared eight years prior to Tools of Destruction while chasing Space Pirates who had stolen a lombax artifact from him. He was also the partner, and possibly the husband, of Talwyn's mother.



Max Apogee was a colleague and friend of Artemis Zogg. Max's research on the Lombax Secret led Zogg to the discovery of the Surinox Shard, which Zogg later used for the Helios Project.[1] Max Apogee was also a great inventor, and founded the Apogee Industries, which created several interesting inventions.

According to Galactic Trivia in A Crack in Time, he found a Zoni temple but people grew suspicious when he refused to make a holo-map.


While Max Apogee does not appear in Deadlocked, some of his history happens around this time.

In the year 5357, Max rescued Angela Cross from Percival Tachyon.[1] Angela was last seen fleeing the Cerullean Sector in Max Apogee's spaceship. The ship was later found on autopilot by galactic authorities and its flight logs indicated Jasindu as its point of origin,[2] and Max relocated the Lombax Secret to Jasindu at this time, around the time when Space Pirates found the Lombax artifact leading to it.[3] Max Apogee's current whereabouts are unknown, he was either given refuge by the Kerchu on Jasindu, escaped using the Dimensionator, or was killed by space pirates.


  • Max Apogee may be able to read Lombax because his daughter is able to do so.[4]
  • Max may have invented the Apogee Recycling System used in the Ectoflux Armor in A Crack in Time.

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