Mature organic spores

Mature Organic Spores (Volatilis Inflatus) were tentacle creatures from planet Sargasso. They were also classified as creatures that lived on Sargasso. Almost every known living being is said allergic to this spore. They could detect their victims with their tentacles, and would fly near them and explode in order to defeat them. They are only found in-game at the Spaceship Graveyard. They and the dreaded Space Kudzu are the only living things in the Spaceship Graveyard. These spores have two forms: Free-Floating Spore and Stationary Spore. The Free-Floating Spore, as it name suggests, floats in a small area until it detects Clank, at which point it will slowly approach Clank. If Clank is two slow react, it will explode, causing damage. The Stationary Spore is very similar in design to that of the Free-Floating Spore, except heavily rooted to the ground, restricting their movement. However, they are usually found in high numbers, limiting their need for such movement. Although Clank can use weapons to destroy the spores' heads, they will very quickly regrow forcing Clank to quickly pass the spores.


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