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The Markazians are a species with light purple skin, tails , and sharp ears. The Markazian language was used by some Markazians.


The Markazians were bipedal and purple-skinned humanoids who stood at 5 ft in average height. They had pointed ears and tails, giving them a vaguely feline appearance. Despite this, their overall skeletal structure and facial features were generally more like those of humans. Their bodies also possessed minimal hair, and most of their hair grew off their scalps. Males were capable of growing facial hair. Not all Markazians possessed tails, and most Markazians seemed to have had their tails amputated at birth. Unlike most other species (with the exception of the Lombaxes and some Nethers), Markazians possessed five fingered hands, which are capable of delicately manipulating smaller objects with ease. This gave Markazians a higher dexterity than other species.


  • Artemis Zogg and Vorn did not appear to have a tail, suggesting that male Markazian's do not have tails. This is most likely a mix up with male Lombaxes having tails and females don't.
  • According to Mac Mackeroy, Markazians are not good dancers.

Behind the scenes

The name of the species was confirmed in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty when some Space Pirates in the Azorean Sea mentioned it during the fight. It was also later mentioned by Rusty Pete and Romulus Slag.

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