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Marcadia Palace is a map in the multiplayer mode in Up Your Arsenal. It is based on the palace featured in the Galactic Rangers' Operation: IRON SHIELD on Marcadia. It is a relatively small terrain, with a mirrored design, taking place during nighttime. The main doorway into the palace is the location of a single Minirocket Tube crate, with the doorway featuring a series of arches that connect to half-elliptical-shaped walls, each of which span to the left and right, and shield a small patch of trees, in the center of which sits a Lava Gun crate.

Behind the walls are pairs of Charge Boots, with other weapons being located around the edge of the map, identical on both sides, including a nanotech crate. The moat seen in the Galactic Rangers mission is now empty, allowing access to Mine Gloves, Flux Rifles, a Holoshield Glove, and a jump pad that lets players reach the turret emplacement on the pillar facing the main doorway (although this can also be climbed normally, using a ledge grab to pull yourself up).

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