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Magna-Cannons[1] were turrets built by the Cragmites and later used in Emperor Tachyon's Imperial Army. Two types exiested, the smaller versions were used to fend of starfighters and paratrooping foes, while the large versions kept large warships away. The smaller ones were automated and a slightly smaller than a Cragmite Warrior. Unlike the Noid Missile Stations, they could not fight of threats standing the ground, thus they are harmless to Ratchet so long if he is not doing a HALO jump. They are, however, defended by deadly Imperial Troops and Cragmite forces.

Magna-Cannons were placed all around the surface of Fastoon during the Emperor's invasion of the planet and battle with Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn Apogee, Cronk and Zephyr soon after. They were quickly destroyed, allowing Miss Apogee and Aphelion to land on Fastoon. The larger versions are 1/6 the size of an Ion Cannon and built on top of large defensive buildings. Two defended the Cragmite Ruins of planet Reepor from intruders. While these guns could operate by themselves, they could be operated by anyone as shown when Cronk and Zephyr turned these weapons againest their masters by blasting away the shield deflectors blocking off further access into the ruins.


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