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The pride of the Vox Industries personnel protection line, this weapon is a quick firing, two handed monster that spits a cone of searing hot magma. Reactor says, "I'm a lousy shot, but this baby can hit anything!

Weapon description, DL

The Magma Cannon is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a shotgun which fires a blast of magma energy over a large radius with a medium range.

The Magma Cannon can be purchased upon reaching the Advanced Qualifier from any vendor. It can be upgraded to the Vulcan Cannon with use. When in challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Vulcan Cannon for 1,750,000 bolts.


The Magma Cannon is a short, yellow weapon with a bulky, wide barrel but a small nozzle and a left-hand grip. It fires a blast of magma energy over a wide radius. The Vulcan Cannon has a much longer barrel with a wider nozzle, and fires seeking lasers instead.


The Magma Cannon is a close to medium range shotgun with a wide radius. It is most useful against large mobs of weaker enemies, while still being decent against stronger enemies. It is best used when hitting multiple targets with one blast, and it has a fair amount of ammo. The weapon does become outclassed later on by more powerful weapons, but still has its uses.

As it upgrades, it provides a good mix of impact mod and speed mod, all of which play to the strengths of the weapon, as increasing the damage and rate of fire of the weapon make it more effective. Ammo mods can also help alleviate its ammo problems, though the player may choose to equip ammo mods on another weapon instead. At V10, it upgrades to the Vulcan Cannon, and also unlocks a useful jackpot mod which increases the bolts earned of a weapon which equip it.

The Magma Cannon may be outclassed in damage later on, but it remains one of the best weapons against mobs of weaker enemies, alongside the B6-Obliterator or more universally useful Mini Turret Launcher. Of the omega mods, the [[shock mod] (Deadlocked)|]] and acid mod play best to the strengths of the weapon, as the shock mod only maximises the number of enemies it will damage, and it can apply the damage over time effect from the acid to many enemies at once.

Behind the scenes

In the demo of Deadlocked, the in-game description contains the same quote, only it is Lepton Leroy giving the quote, instead of Reactor.

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