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Hey, folks! Mac Mackeroy here!

Mac's typical introduction to a space radio announcement, ACiT

Mac Mackeroy was one of the Terachnoids who ran the Agorian Battleplex, as well as performing comedy bits on the Moonlight Lounge. He appeared in a hologram in the lobby and would give Ratchet advice. He did not show himself physically in-game because patrons of the arena had a "tendency to throw things" and therefore used a hologram to communicate. He gave Ratchet a Nefarious Security Card when he beat the Bronze Cup. Mac was also a comedian, who frequently advertised his free family comedy nights on space radio and was very annoyed about the tiny audiences he was pulling, especially since he needed the bolts to repay his gambling debts as well as pay for the venue rent of the Moonlight Lounge at the Battleplex. Because of his inability to pay his debts right away, the Agorians shoved him down a toilet and gave him swirlies until he managed to convince them to stop it, promising them he'd be able to pay them back soon. At some point he was in his way through the Phylax Sector to the Agorian Battleplex when he ran out of gas. When Ratchet flew past in Starship 3371 Alpha, he exclaimed that he was glad the Lombax showed up and explained his situation, telling Ratchet to send someone with a ship tether his way. Later the Lombax returned with a Tether and towed him to the Phylax Depot, where he refuelled and thanked Ratchet. He talked to Ratchet via hologram at the Battleplex Arcade, and made fun of his name, as well as telling him where to find the arena entrance. Mac also gave the Lombax information on the Battlplex. After Ratchet defeated the War Grok, he gave him a Nefarious Security Card that he'd recently won off a Nefarious Trooper.

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