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Lunar City,[1] also known as the testing facility moon, is a minor location in Going Commando, visited in "Defeat the Thug Leader". It is an ecumenopolis moon orbiting Dobbo, in which challengers fight to prove they are worthy of entering the Megacorp Games. The location is visited by Giant Clank.

While exploring the testing facility on Dobbo, Ratchet and Clank encountered the Mathematician, who challenged them to go to the moon and combat a challenger for the right to enter the Megacorp Games. Clank recognized the Ultra-Mech Pad, and used it to transform to Giant Clank and travel to the moon.[1] When they arrived, they found the Thug Leader, who fought them in a giant mech. They defeated him, which suitably impressed the Mathematician, who granted them coordinates for Joba.

Lunar City

Lunar City comprises several skyscrapers of varying sizes that cover the surface of the entire moon. Streets are planned across the entire planet, with benches, street lamps, and trees along the side. Due to its size, it has a low gravity field, allowing Giant Clank to jump high distances.

Returning to the moon at any point will replay the boss battle against the Thug Leader even after it has been completed.

Behind the scenes

Lunar City, unlike other levels, was good from the outset, and received few internal complaints during development. It was designed to be fun, so it was not made to be too difficult.[2] The moon would have originally featured trees along the streets. These were still present in the demo release.[3]


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